Shuttle buses

Free Shuttle Buses

Travel has never been easier with free shuttle buses connecting you to the Wollongong Campus, Innovation Campus, Wollongong and the surrounding suburbs. 

The University operates the North Gong (NG) and Gwynneville Keiraville (GK) Shuttles free for our students, staff and visitors to the campus.  There is also the Gong Shuttle (routes 55A and 55C) provided by Transport for NSW.  

Get the latest timetables, route maps and bus tracking by downloading the free UOW Shuttle App on iPhone or Android.  

Four out of five of the UOW buses are low floor, wheelchair accessible buses.  Low floor trips are identified on the UOW Shuttle app.  

North Gong (NG) Shuttle

The NG Shuttle links the Wollongong Campus with North Wollongong Station and International House. 

Route 9 stops around the Ring Road, and Route 9N runs directly between the station and Northfields Ave bus interchange. 

It operates weekdays from 7:30am to 10pm throughout session and exam periods, and on a reduced timetable at other times.  The bus also runs on Saturdays during exam periods.  

Gwynneville Keiraville (GK) Shuttle

The GK Shuttle links the Wollongong Campus with Keiraville, Gwynneville, Wollongong CBD and Wollongong Station in clockwise (GKC) and anticlockwise (GKA) loops.  This bus stops close to Weerona College and Marketview.

This service operates during session and exam periods on weekdays. The GKC runs from 7:50am until 10:30pm, and the GKA from 7:20am until 7pm.  Outside of session, two GKA-NG trips operate on weekdays at 8am and 5pm.  Please refer to the timetable for exact times and operating dates. This service operates on a different route to the typical GKA route, completing part of the GKA route, but then terminates at North Wollongong Station.  This bus then turns into a NG Shuttle bus to continue to the Wollongong Campus.  

The GKA and GKC also operate on slightly different routes.  The GKA travels to Church St in North Wollongong, where as the GKC travels through Gwynneville and West Wollongong. View the route map for stops. 

Gong Shuttle

A Transport for NSW public bus service.  This service travels in clockwise (55C) and anticlockwise (55A) loops connecting UOW to the city, the beach, Innovation Campus and Fairy Meadow, it also connects to Campus East and Weerona Colleges.

Hours of operation are:

  • Weekdays: 07:00 – 18:00 every 10 minutes, 18:00 – 22:00 every 20 minutes
  • Saturdays: 08:00 – 18:00 every 20 minutes
  • Sundays & Public Holidays: 09:40 – 17:20 Up to 20 minute frequency

Operates all year round on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.  

All Gong Shuttles are wheelchair accessible. 

  • Route map (note frequency of Sunday and Public holiday operation on the route map are no longer correct).
Last reviewed: 13 August, 2018