Where to park

Types of Parking

Parking at UOW’s Wollongong Campus is limited and in high demand, especially during session. We strongly encourage using public transport, or walking and cycling, where possible.

The Wollongong Campus is a Restricted Parking Area. NSW Road Rules and the University’s Access and Order Rules are strictly applied and penalties apply.

Each carpark on campus has different parking conditions which operate year round.  Refer to the Wollongong Campus Parking Map and signage in the carparks. Refer to parking availability or the UOW Parking app to check availability of spaces.

The various parking options available at Wollongong campus are listed below:

Ticket Parking

Ticket parking is available to all drivers, including staff, students and visitors. Ticket parking is available in Parking Stations and in Pay and Display Ticket areas.  Pay and Display Ticket parking is restricted to designated ticket bays.

  • Short-term Parking Station parking (P1, P6).
  • Pay & Display parking (P3 south, P4, P8 south).
  • After 4pm in permit zones (P2, P5)

Carpool parking

Carpool parking is available free of charge to staff, students and visitors travelling with three or more people in a car in P4 Western Carpark Carpooling area.  

Permit parking

UOW Entry (blue) permit parking

UOW Entry Permit parking is limited to staff. Permit holders may only park in designated permit bays. Spaces are limited and permits do not guarantee a space.

Reserved parking

Reserved parking is only available for staff, and provides a dedicated reserved parking bay for permit holders. Reserved parking conditions apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Motorcycle parking

Parking for motorcycles is available by permit in special parking bays in P1, P2, P3, and P5, or in the parking stations at normal ticket prices. Staff and students are able to purchase permits.

Mobility (disabled) parking

Mobility parking is available free of charge in designated spaces for those with a Mobility Parking Scheme Permit issued by Roads and Maritime Services. Mobility Permits must be displayed clearly on the vehicle.  Mobility permit holders are authorised to access dedicated disabled parking bays, UOW Entry permit bays and ticket bays, free of charge. Permit holders are also able to use the Parking Stations (P1 and P6), and should see the Parking Attendant for a free validated exit ticket (P1). Only Australian mobility permit holders who display a current/valid permit may access dedicated disabled parking bays. These conditions apply 24 hours seven days a week. Penalties apply for improper use of disabled parking bays.

Contractor parking

Contractors completing works on the Wollongong Campus have access to designated contractor parking options.  Parking options are different for those who require access to UOW Service Vehicle bays compared to desk based contractors.  

Authorised contractors must be approved by their UOW Project Officer to gain access to a Contractor parking permit.  The permit provides access to UOW Entry Permit or Pay and Display Ticket parking areas.  Desk based contractors will be treated the same as UOW staff with access to UOW Entry permits for permit bays only. 

Category 1 authorised contractors will have access to designated UOW Service vehicle bays in addition to UOW Entry permit and Pay and Display Ticket bays. 

Last reviewed: 16 July, 2018


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