Innovation Campus

Innovation Campus

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Parking Fees

Short term parking (P1)

8:30am - 6:30pm Monday to Friday

0-30 minutes- Free

30 minutes to 1 hour- $2.50

1-2 hours -$5.00

2-4 hours- $6.50

4-6 hours- $8.00

6+ hours - $15.00

Lost Ticket - $15.00

6:30pm - 8:30am Monday to Friday, All day weekends - Free

All prices are inclusive of GST. All fees paid under these rules are not refundable.

iC Health Patrons - validated ticket

8:30am - 6:30pm Monday to Friday

First 2 hours from time of entry - Free

2-4 hours - $6.50

4-6 hours - $8.00 6 + hours - $15.00 Lost Ticket - $15.00 iC Health patrons should note that the first two hours is from time of entry. If staying longer than two hours, then fees will be charged at the Short Term parking rates. SCIENCE CENTRE PATRONS - VALIDATED TICKET Patrons must have paid entry fees to the Science Centre and have a validated ticket to receive free parking for your visit. Pay and Display parking (P12) 24 hours Weekdays and weekends 2-4 hours- $2.00 4 -6 hours -$3.00 6+ hours - $5.00 Commercial Tenant Parking Commercial tenants should contact the iC Management Office for further information on reserved parking availability and rates. iC parking map Innovation Campus Parking Map

Tickets, Permits and Penalties

Business Precinct

Any vehicle parked on the Innovation Campus must display a valid parking permit for UOW permit bays (a permit does not guarantee a space), a valid permit, or be authorised to park in Reserved bays. Drivers who do not have authority to park in UOW permit or Reserved bays must use the P1 Parking Station.
Fees apply at the Short-term Parking Station P1 (free for the first 30 minutes). Patrons to the Science Centre and URAC Gym may have their ticket validated (discounted).
A UOW entry permit provides access to signposted UOW permit bays or carparks only (P5) (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm). Reserved parking bays are in force 24 hours a day Monday to Sunday.
Service vehicle bays, Loading zones, Bus zone conditions apply 7 days a week.
Contractors must display a valid permit for use of service vehicle bays (issued by Resolve FM).

Campus East

Valid Campus East Resident permits must be displayed where signposted.
Visitor Pay & Display tickets must be displayed on the dashboard, correct side up and visible from outside the car.
Contractors must display a valid permit for use of Service vehicle bays (issued by Resolve FM or LLP).

Permit placement

Accommodation, Reserved, UOW and Motorcycle Permits must be displayed on the driver’s side of the windscreen (or fixed on the motorcycle). Permits must not be placed behind window tinting.

Disabled (Mobility) Parking

Mobility permit holders are authorised to access dedicated disabled parking bays, UOW entry permit or ticket bays, free of any charge. Parking Stations are also accessible, free of charge. Permit holders should see the Parking Attendant for a free validated exit ticket.
Penalties apply to improper use of designated disabled parking bays (fine greater than $500 and one demerit point for the driver).


Improper use of defined bays or incorrect placement or absence of a valid ticket or permit may incur a fine. Parking Enforcement Officers regularly check all carparks. Obscured or unreadable tickets or permits will be treated as invalid.
Penalty Notices for breaches of the New South Wales Road Rules are determined by the Parliament of NSW, and cannot be reviewed by the University. Refer to the Penalty Notice for information on how to pay or dispose of the notice.

Review Procedure

To obtain a review of a Penalty Notice, complete the 'Request a Review of a Penalty Notice' form and send it to NSW Revenue. 

Last reviewed: 15 May, 2018