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Easter/Recess period Shuttle bus services

There are changes to the shuttle bus services over Easter and recess 19-28 April. The GK and NG Shuttles will not operate on Good Friday (19 April), Easter Monday (22 April) or ANZAC Day (25 April). On 23, 24 and 26 April, these services will be operating to reduced timetables. Full timetables will resume again on 29 April. The Gong Shuttle will operate as usual except for the public holidays.

Use the UOW Shuttle app for timetables.

Start of Autumn Session traffic control - 4 March 

Roads and Maritime Services will carry out temporary traffic management to reduce congestion and provide safer conditions for road users living near and travelling to UOW.

From Monday 4 March traffic will be monitored on the M1 Princes Motorway during peak periods.  If queues form along the M1, RMS traffic controllers will divert all westbound traffic on University Avenue left onto Irvine St to access UOW via Murphys Avenue and Robsons Rd/O'Leary Rd.  RMS expects that diversions will occur between 8:15-8:45am, from Tuesday to Thursday, based on previous years. 

Traffic heading towards the University from the M1 northbound will not be diverted.  Outside peak periods, traffic will continue to access UOW via Irvine St and Northfields Ave.  Bus access from University Ave onto Irvine St will not be affected during diversions.  Residents will have access to their properties at all times. 

Staff, students and visitors are encouraged to walk, cycle, carpool or catch public transport to campus.  

New GKC Shuttle timetable and change to Eastern St bus stop

A new timetable will start for the GK Shuttle (route GKC only) starting Monday 25 February. The GKC stop in Eastern St near Murphys Ave will no longer be serviced, instead the bus will stop at the other end of Eastern St near Gipps Rd. These changes have been made as a result of feedback received and for operational efficiencies. Please use the UOW Shuttle app or see the timetables

Full timetables resume for UOW Shuttle buses starting 25 February

From Monday 25 February, the full timetables for the UOW Shuttle buses will start. For the latest timetables please use the UOW Shuttle app, or view the timetables online or at the bus stops around campus. If you have any questions about the free shuttles, get in touch with us at Until 25 February, the NG reduced service and the GKA-NG reduced service are operating.  Gong Shuttle services operate to normal timetables.

Travelling on public transport with an Opal card

The UOW Shuttle Buses and the NSW Government Gong Shuttle are free of charge. If you are catching a regular bus service or the train, you need to pay a fare using an opal card. Opal cards are smart card tickets that you load money onto and use for public transport across NSW. They are the new way to buy a ticket for buses, trains, light rail and ferries.

Concession Opal cards are available for eligible full-time domestic students. Information on how to apply and how to determine your eligibility is available from Student Central. Concession Opal cards are mailed to you once you have completed the application process.

If you are an international student, or a domestic student not eligible for a Concession Opal card, you will need to get an Adult Opal card. You can get an Adult Opal card from the UniShop, or at some retailers and newsagents. Child/Youth and Senior/Pensioner Opal cards are also available.

Top up your Opal card at the UniShop or the train station. You can also link it to a credit card for automatic top ups. Top ups at train stations are not instantaneous.

Take care and travel safely to campus

It's the busiest period of the year, so be careful. Traffic and parking will be problematic and congestion at peak levels. UOW urges all drivers to take extreme care if travelling to campus, particularly on the M1 Princes Motorway. Changing lanes at the last minute or braking suddenly on the motorway is extremely dangerous, particularly around heavy vehicles. Make sure you leave enough distance between your car and the car in front. We strongly recommend joining the exit queue from where it begins, rather than changing at the last minute. Consider alternative entrances to the campus such as O’Leary Rd.

Please follow the directions of Roads and Maritime Services Traffic Commanders, traffic controllers and Police on the M1 Motorway and local road network.
On campus please follow the directions of UOW Security and Parking officers and traffic controllers.

Consider alternatives to driving like the three free shuttle bus services, one of the other direct buses straight to campus, a laid back train ride, cycling, or walking. If you must drive, consider carpooling and getting here early.

2019 parking operations and pedestrian safety

Due to ongoing major construction activities on campus, there is an impact to parking and pedestrian movements in 2019. 

A small number of parking spaces in P3, currently signposted as permit parking, will be returned to ticket parking. This is to balance some ticket parking displaced from P4 by the construction of the Western building. More permit parking bays have been secured at the TAFE carpark, only a short walk over the bridge from the Eastern Entrance. More than 230 additional parking spaces for staff and students are under construction in P5, with completion expected in the later part of 2019. There will also be additional motorcycle parking available in P5.

Please take care around the construction sites, drive carefully, be aware of pedestrians and changes to traffic movements. Please be mindful where you are walking and observe signs. In P4 carpark, please do not walk adjacent to the construction hoarding in the traffic lane, and instead use the paths and signposted walkways designed to cater for pedestrian safety. Follow directions from traffic controllers and UOW Security around campus.

Changes to P5 and P4 carparks – construction works from November 2018

Building works are taking place starting November 2018 in P4 Western and P5 Northern carparks as part of developments outlined in the Wollongong Campus Master Plan. The developments bring new teaching and learning facilities and additional parking spaces to the Wollongong Campus.

From 1 November, construction will start for a new carpark to the north of the existing P5 Northern Carpark. The new carpark will have more car and motorcycle spaces.

There will also be changes to P4 Western Carpark due to construction starting for the new Social Sciences and Law, Humanities and the Arts (Western) Building from 16 November. Some parking spaces will be lost to accommodate the construction site of the new building.

The existing P5 carpark will be divided into two sections, and access between the two sections will be available via the Ring Road. A site fence will be set up in the south eastern corner of P4 carpark, with some parking displaced. These plans are in place to minimise disruptions and preserve as many parking spaces as possible during construction. Please follow signage and the direction of traffic controllers and UOW Security.

All carparks on campus will remain operational with existing restricted parking conditions applying.

Staff- want to save $380 this year?

Avoid renewing your parking permit and instead get free parking on campus by carpooling! Travel with three or more people in a car for free parking in P4. Staff can also park in the convenient P1 multistorey. It doesn’t matter who carpools with you, bring your colleagues, family, friends or neighbours. Carpooling can save you money and time, spur engaging conversations with your fellow travellers, and is great for the environment and reducing carbon emissions. It also helps lessen traffic congestion, which can be problematic particularly at the start of session!

Temporary TAFE carpark available for UOW entry permit holders 

The temporary TAFE Carpark is available for UOW Entry permit holders.  This is to assist with parking constraints whilst construction takes place on campus. This carpark is in close walking distance to campus via the footbridge and is convenient for permit holders on the eastern side of campus.  

Taxi pick up zones

If you are on campus after dark or using the Library 24/7 access, plan your trip home and consider booking a taxi.  There are two signposted taxi zones on campus:

  1. Northfields Ave - eastern end, adjacent to P8 Carpark
  2. P2 Carpark turning circle - adjacent to the building 17 arcade (new- March 2019). Only operates 10pm-8am.

To catch a taxi, head to one of the above locations, or book via:

  • telephone on 02 4254 2111
  • the Illawarra Taxi Network app
  • a Security phone.



Travel to uni with three people in a car for free parking!

Parking sign

Free shuttle buses

Download the UOW Shuttle app for free bus timetables, tracking and routes.