UOW Transport - Driving Image

UOW encourages the use of alternative modes of transport or driving in a way that keeps emissions to a minimum. Be committed to a sustainable future by walking, cycling, carpooling, or taking a bus or train.


Make the most of your car, save on travel costs and reduce your carbon emissions. And if you carpool with three or more people, you'll get FREE Parking on campus.


All the maps and information you need to get to UOW from your suburb and around the campus – while keeping your carbon emissions down. UOW Access Guides are available at help desks around the University.

Parking on Campus

Parking on campus is ticketed for students and visitors. Permit and reserved parking is available for staff. You can check the spaces available now or download the UOW Parking app for iPhone or Android

Safety & Road Use Advice

Ensure you arrive alive with the latest driver Road Rules (available in many translations for international visitors).  

Current Road Problems

Find out about current traffic issues by viewing Transport for NSW's  live updates and traveller information.

Car Share

A car share scheme is available for students living at a UOW accommodation residence. The cars are currently kept at Bangalay and Graduate House, but available for use by all student residents. 

Last reviewed: 7 March, 2017