Bicycle User Group

UOW Transport - Cycling Group Image

UOW's Bicycle User Group (BUG) aims to help all those who cycle to University by making it safer, easier and more enjoyable.

The group became affiliated with Bicycle NSW in 2009 and in 2010 combined with the Illawarra Bicycle User Group, which provides advice and a map on routes near the Uni.

UOW BUG members have prioritised areas for development, including:

  1. Improving the cycle route between UOW and the Innovation Campus (effectively linking to the coastal cycleway)
  2. Improving pedestrian and bicycle access to UOW, especially at the Eastern Entrance
  3. Conducting a campaign for driver-cyclist awareness in order to reduce dangerous incidents
  4. Increasing the number of bike lanes on roads around Wollongong and on campus

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Last reviewed: 7 August, 2017