Bike Security

UOW Transport - Bike Security Image

Several bike parking locations are monitored by security cameras or are situated in more secure areas.

However, it is strongly recommended that you use a quality lock to secure the wheels and frame of your bike to the rack.

The bike rack located west of the IMTS Building (Building 17) near the Main Car Park is under constant camera surveillance and has warning signs to ward off potential thieves. There has been minimal theft from this area.

Secure Parking

At Wollongong Campus, secure undercover parking is available in six locations. A UOW access card will give you access to locked, monitored areas. Each location is close to showers, and lockers are available in Buildings 6, 9 & 19.

For access:

  • URAC Sports Hub: Ring 4221 4700 – a small fee applies
  • Other locations: Fill out the application form and get a UOW access card – $20 at the Post Office

Crime Prevention

It is important not to leave accessories with your bike, and always secure your bike to a rack with a quality, tamper-proof lock, such as a cable lock, D-bolt or U-shaped lock.

To help find your bike, should it be lost or stolen, we recommend you:

  • Record the frame number
  • Engrave your driver’s licence number or other personal reference on the frame
  • Keep a record of the sales docket
  • Take a photograph
  • Take note of identifying numbers and marks


Try to avoid cycling alone at night. UOW Security provides a Safe Escort service after dark to staff and students walking to the bike racks on campus. Phone 4221 4555 or dial #3 at any security telephone.

Last reviewed: 22 January, 2016