Bike Share

Bike Share

Bike Maintenance

The bike share program is now available for student residents at Bangalay.

The bikes are a great alternative to needing a car in Wollongong. Cycling is an easy way to get around, with excellent bike paths close by and bike parking on campus and at your residence.

How the system works is:

  1. The Bangalay resident will need to sign the ‘Bicycle Share Deed Poll’ contract and this should be collected, filled in and returned to the Bangalay student residence front office.
  2. To borrow a bike, the resident must sign out using the bike register at the front office and leave their student ID card. Their fobs will be recoded to open the bike shed.
  3. Students  must have their own helmets.  However, there are helmets available to purchase from the Bangalay front office at a cost of $50..
  4. Once the fobs are coded to open the bike shed, residents are issued with keys for the locks on the bikes.
  5. Upon return of the bikes, the resident will come in to the front office and sign that the bike has been returned on the bike register and return the keys.
  6. Once keys for the bike are returned to the front office the Banaglay residents student ID card will be returned.
  7. Please note that bikes must be returned on the same day.

There are 8 bicycles available for bike share. The bikes are kept in the Bangalay bike shed which is only accessible to student leaders and residents who own bikes or those that sign up for the bike share program.

For more information contact Bangalay on 4221 5556 or email




Last reviewed: 9 November, 2017