Useful transport apps for your smartphone

UOW Apps

UOW has two apps to help you navigate to the Wollongong Campus:

UOW Shuttle

Available for iPhone and Android.  This app gives you the times for the next GK, NG and Gong Shuttle going your way.  If you need extra information, see Help and FAQs

UOW Parking

Available for iPhone and Android.  This app lists available spaces for ticket, permit and carpool parking areas to help you find that elusive parking spot.  Note that we strongly encourage you to carpool if you are bringing a car to campus, particularly so you have a passenger and are not tempted to use your phone while driving.

Real-time transport apps

Real-time transport apps can give you handy information to catch the bus or train including routes, timetables, and usually information on service updates and accessibility.  

There are many apps available across most platforms.  Transport for NSW has a list of the latest in the market, and many are free!  Our picks are:

Opal Travel

Plan public transport throughout Sydney, NSW, and interstate with the Opal Travel app.  This journey planner gives you an estimate of how much fares are, trip options and times.  It also links you to the Opal website so you can see how much balance is on your card and top up. Available from Google Play or the App Store


Displays timetable information for buses, trains, light rail and ferries.  It features a summary view showing your next services, as well as a full timetable viewer. Trip view app  is available on the Transport for NSW website ( and can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows.


Shows suggested routes and travel times for public transport, driving, cycling and taxis.  Also gives information on estimated travel costs and your CO2 emissions. Available on iPhone and Android

Live Traffic NSW

Gives live information on incidents and conditions on the road if you are driving or carpooling. Available for iPhone and Android.  Remember, don't use your phone while driving, instead check it out before you travel, or have one of your passengers use the app instead. 

Check out Transport for NSW's website for more information on real-time trip planning  or to keep you updated on the latest  transport alerts

Other useful apps


Keep safe on campus. Use SafeZone to contact UOW Security for any emergencies, first aid or to book a walking escort.  Available for iPhone and Android.  


Let your local Council know if there is a non emergency problem in your neighbourhood such as a dangerous pothole, a missing sign or an obstacle on a bike path needing attention.  The app sends a photo to the relevant authority so it can be resolved.  Available for iPhone and Android

Lost on Campus

Find your way on campus by following the easy walking directions given by the app for all campus locations.  Available for iPhone and Android.  

Last reviewed: 6 August, 2018