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HDR Application information

Entry into Higher Degree Research (HDR) courses is determined by assessment of an application and research proposal by our academic staff. Applicants in the School of the Arts, English and Media are required to provide additional supporting documentation as outlined below. Selected applicants may also be required to take part in an interview (via telephone or skype if necessary).


HDR admission information, including the application process and research proposal guidelines is available via the Graduate Research School.

To apply, complete and submit your online application for Higher Degree Research.

While the Graduate Research School advises applicants to contact the relevant Head of Postgraduate Studies and/or academic unit to identify a potential supervisor, in the School of the Arts, English and Media you may be allocated a supervisor following assessment and/or interview.

Additional supporting documentation

In addition to the requirements in the online application form, applicants for the Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) also need to submit the following:

  • Research Proposal

Applicants who intend to undertake creative practice research should make sure that their research proposal includes consideration of creative practice in both methodology and outcomes. The proposal should include a consideration of the feasibility and logistics of the project and any resource implications.

  • Portfolio

Applicants who intend to undertake creative practice research should include a digital portfolio and/or documentation as best suits the applicant’s specialised area of artistic practice. This may include a portfolio outlining significant creative achievements including audio-visual documentation as appropriate. The portfolio must be uploaded with your online application. Alternately, a link to a website containing images, creative work, media experience, or samples may be provided.

If it is necessary to send any material by separate email, please send it to assh-research@uow.edu.au. Hard copy supporting material will not be accepted.

  • Curriculum vitae

Listing professional experience, exhibitions, performances, publications, prizes, awards, research history and employment experience.

Further information