Digital auditions

Auditions for Early Admission must be submitted as a Digital Audition.

Auditions for UAC, Direct Entry or Course Transfer can be done EITHER in person on campus in Wollongong, OR as a Digital Audition. You can decide which method best suits you.

This page guides you through how to submit a digital audition.

Preparing and submitting your digital audition

There are three steps to submitting your digital audition.

  1. Prepare one of the selected audition pieces to memorise and perform.

    Arrange for a friend or family member to assist with recording. 'Selfies’ are not accepted. The film should be a medium shot, that is, the bottom of the frame around your waist, top of frame above your head. This will give a clear view of your face and body movement.

    Before starting the piece, please look directly at the camera and tell us your name, and the name of the play & playwright whose piece you will be performing. You do not need to direct your performance straight to camera, only this introduction. We advise you to perform to either just to the left or right of the camera so your full face is still visible.
  2. Upload your audition recording to Vimeo or YouTube. You will supply us the URL when you register for your digital audition.
  3. Register your details here for a digital audition, once you have everything ready.

Make sure you submit before the date that applies to you:

  • Digital auditions for Early Admission must be submitted by Tuesday 27 September, 2022
  • Digital auditions for UAC offers on 22 December must be submitted by Wednesday 14 December, 2022
  • Digital auditions for UAC offers on 9 February 2023 must be submitted by Wednesday 1 February, 2023
  • Digital auditions for direct applicants and course transfer applicants can be submitted at any time in 2022 and up to Friday 17 February, 2023.