Areas of research

Areas of Research

Research AreaResearcher
Sport, Exercise and Health Psychology Dr Mark Allen
Orienting Reflex; Electrophysiology of AD/HD; Arousal and Activation; Brain dynamics; Biomarkers of cognitive control processes Professor Robert J. Barry
Clinical Psychology, Therapeutic Process and Change in Psychotherapy, Personality Structure and Personality Disorders in Adolescents and Adults, Identity, Trauma. Dr Marko Biberdzic
Medical psychology, rehabilitation, neurodegenerative disorders, cognition and suicide prevention Assoc. Prof. Vida Bliokas
Clinical Psychology, Assessment, Testing, Dimensional Models, Treatment Planning and Effectiveness, Obesity and Eating Disorders, Malingering, Groups and Personality Dr Emanuela Brusadelli
Music psychology, music cognition, involuntary musical imagery, history of psychology, metatheoretical psychology, philosophy of psychology, research practices in psychology Dr Tim Byron
Applied Psychology; Occupational Health Psychology; Personal Construct Theory Professor Peter Caputi
Counterfactual thinking; cognitive development Dr Amy Chan
ADHD; Children; Electrophysiology; Electroencephalography Assoc. Prof. Adam Clarke
Telecommunications Health Research; Biological Psychiatry; EEG Methodology Professor Rodney Croft
Brain dynamics; Biomarkers of cognitive control processes; Electrophysiology, particularly electroencephalography and event-related potentials; Healthy ageing; Psychophysiological data quantification methodology Dr Frances De Blasio
Emotional development in early childhood, with particular emphasis on the ways that young children understand emotions and the inter-play between such understanding and their emotional experience Professor Marc de Rosnay
Face and object recognition Dr Simone Favelle
Mental Health and Psychotherapy; Depression and Personality Disorders Professor Brin Grenyer
Cognitive development during infancy; adult-infant interaction; early literacy and numeracy; well-being and bonding in pregnancy and early parenting Assoc. Prof. Jane Herbert
Face perception Dr Harold Hill
ADHD; Event-related potentials; Inhibition; Cognitive Training; Neurofeedback Professor Stuart Johnstone
Clinical Psychology; Substance abuse treatment; Schizophrenia & Depression Assoc. Prof. Peter Kelly
The use and extra-medical use of pharmaceutical opioids, 'abuse-deterrent' formulations, treatment of substance use disorders, opioid dependence, the use of anabolic steroids, and interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of people who inject drugs Dr Briony Larance
Individual differences; Prejudice; Ideology Dr Peter Leeson
Personality Disorder; Substance Use Disorder; Neuropsychology; Psychotherapy Process and Outcome; Treatment Mechanisms and Selection Dr Ely Marceau
Organisational behaviour Dr Michael Matthias
Active Vision, Eye movement, Visual Attention, Scene and Face Processing, Development, Aging, Influence of Culture on Perception, Road Safety, Embodied Perception of Others Dr Sebastien Miellet
Short-term memory; Attention Dr Leonie Miller
Environmental psychology; psychedelic science; self-transcendent emotions, eco-psychology, social cognition, health decision making Dr Sam Moreton
Vection; Stereopsis; Virtual Reality; Perception of Self-motion; Motion sickness; Postural Control Assoc. Prof Stephen Palmisano
Mindfulness and compassion, attachment relationships, parent-child interaction and interventions for high risk families, and complex mental health disorders Dr Judy Pickard
Adult attachment and Mental health: depression, borderline personality disorder, pathological narcissism, eating disorders. Effects of attachment styles and personality factors on therapy. The role of self-criticism and perfectionism in psychopathology  Dr Sam Reis
Industrial and Organisational Psychology; substance abuse treatment, vulnerable populations and mental health Dr Laura Robinson
Short-term memory and language process; cognitive processes and social functioning; nutritional and health effects on cognitive function, particularly in relation to aging Assoc. Prof Steven Roodenrys
Brain imaging; Function of human visual cortex; Anatomy of the visual system; Albinism; Computational neuroscience; Cortical anatomy; Comparative anatomy across primates Dr Mark Schira
Parenting, adverse childhood experiences, child and adolescent well-being particularly, in the areas of mental health, self-harm, suicide and education

Dr Michelle Townsend

Clinical psychology, personality disorders, childhood maltreatment, social interactions, identity functioning and neuroimaging

Charlotte Van Schie

Clinical sport and exercise psychology; Developmental sport and exercise psychology; applied health psychology; sport and mental health Dr Stewart Vella
Empathy and empathic accuracy; Empathy correlates with antisocial and offending behaviours; Cultural underpinnings of empathy; Cognitive processes and social functioning Dr Tracey Woolrych