Referrals to Northfields Psychology Clinic

For healthcare professionals

To refer a patient to the Clinic please contact us directly or complete the Referral Form below and email it to

A patient consulting with front desk staff at Northfields Clinic

What happens when your name or your child's name is placed on our waiting list?

Once we have all of your details, you will be placed on our waiting list and an email with a standard information pack about Northfields Psychology Clinic will be forwarded to you. 

Individual treatment/assessment: Within approximately two weeks of receipt of your referral you will receive a telephone call from one of our Intake Assessment Officers to obtain further information about your presenting problems and history. This information is used to determine whether Northfields Psychology Clinic is suitable for your individual case. When a Provisional Psychologist is available you will receive a telephone call to make an initial appointment. Our waiting list time frames are an estimate only and can vary during the waiting process, particularly for assessments which are in high demand. As we are a training clinic, there are periods where we are minimally staffed, particularly between December and July. 

Group therapy - A pre group therapy interview will be arranged (free of charge) a couple of weeks prior to the group therapy commencing, to assess your suitability.