NFC online

Northfields Psychology Clinic is a teaching, research and community service which aims to provide high quality, evidence based psychological services to members of the community. In March 2020, in recognition of the ongoing, and potentially increased need of the community, Northfields have begun to offer consultations over the telephone and with the use of video conferencing technologies. While we expect some challenges with both learning to operate in this new space, and with understanding the best way to make use of these technologies, we are confident that the service we provide will continue to be caring, responsive and effective.


Student on laptop with headphones

What do I need?

Connection to the internet
Your connection needs to be good enough to allow you to watch video online (such as YouTube). You will need your own device, which can run a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari

Web-camera, speakers, and microphone
Usually already built into laptops or mobile devices.

You have your own private room or space that you can use during the sessions
You may also choose to use headphones to ensure privacy within your home. This also increases the quality of sound and prevents feedback so is recommended.

How does it work?

Provisional psychologists will be using video conference software called Zoom. Zoom is highly secure and approved for use through the University of Wollongong. Prior to beginning treatment an email will be sent which contains a link, clicking on this link will connect you to the clinician through the Zoom website.

At your first session, a list of relevant and appropriate contact numbers and people will be discussed. If connection is lost or the videoconference drops out, wait a few minutes before clicking the same link to reconnect. If this doesn’t work, we will attempt to contact you by phone on the numbers provided.

How do I prepare for my session?

To get the most out of receiving a service from home in this way, we recommend the following:

  1. Find a quiet space. Ask someone else to supervise your kids, or give them extra screen time, put away your pets, find a room where you think you won’t be overheard. Try using headphones with an in-built microphones, if you can. Most mobile phones come with these.
  2. Bring a notepad and pen. Your clinician won’t be able to give you a piece of paper to take home with you so you might need to jot some things down.
  3. Have your phone close to you but turn it onto silent and close your email programs. It is important that your clinician can call you, if something should happen to your video connection, but it’s also important to try to minimise distractions.
  4. When positioning your screen, ensure it is faced away from any light sources (windows, lamps, etc), but there is enough light to allow yourself to be seen in the video.
  5. Give yourself permission to focus. In these busy times, it can feel like you have to be available to everyone 24/7. Think about why your started therapy in the first place. If those reasons are still true, give yourself permission to be fully present with your clinician for your session.
  6. After the appointment, give yourself some time and space to reflect on what we have discussed, you may like to sit quietly in the room, go for a drive or walk, or even carry out some repetitive domestic chore uninterrupted (mowing the lawn, washing dishes, ironing, etc). These activities may help you mentally close the session and focus on the rest of your day.


Like face to face services at Northfields Psychology Clinic, Zoom video psychotherapy sessions will only be recorded with your explicit consent, which you can withdraw at any time. These recordings are used only for the purposes of supervision and assessment of the provisional psychologist and are destroyed after use. 

What if I have other questions or concerns?

The provisional psychologist you are working with will be there to help answer and support any concerns of questions you many have about this process. The Clinic Director is also available at any time and can be contacted on.