PowerLab Co-Director Associate Professor Feng receives top Research Award

Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng has been awarded the Researcher Award for NSW/ACT Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence. The award is for Dr Feng’s research using longitudinal data to understand how much green space is needed to maximise health in children and mums in communities across Australia. Results of the research are being communicated in the media, used by policymakers and practitioners in local councils and state-wide strategies, national urban-greening campaigns, and in educational programs overseas.

PowerTalk seminar with Dr Ronan Foley 19 June

On 19 June 2019 PowerLab hosted a PowerTalk with Dr Ronan Foley, Senior Lecturer in Health Geography and GIS at Maynooth University, Ireland. The seminar titled “Modelling relationships between health and green-blue infrastructures: a multi-scale cross-sectional Irish study” was held at the Innovation Campus.

PowerTalk seminar with Professor Ian Wright, UOW

On 16 May PowerLab hosted a PowerTalk presented by UOW’s Professor Ian Wright, Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health Research. The seminar titled “Opportunity for change: environmental influences start before birth but continue to change outcomes throughout childhood” was held at the Innovation Campus.

School of Health and Society Research Seminar with PowerLab

On Wednesday 24 April PowerLab Founding Co-Directors and PhD candidates presented at the latest School of Health and Society Research Seminar. The presentations were entitled (presenter): “Environments for Healthier Beginnings” (Associate Prof Xiaoqi Feng); “Ethnic differences in mental health and urban green space” (Shumirai Mushangwe, PhD Candidate); “Green space quality and active ageing in Sydney, Singapore and Dhaka” (Faysal Shuvo, PhD Candidate); “Healthier Ageing in Cities, Naturally” (Prof Thomas Astell-Burt); and “Research Impacts” (Professor Thomas Astell-Burt).

Green space, tree canopy and diabetes prevention

Professor Thomas Astell-Burt, Founding Co-Director of PowerLab, gave a keynote speech entitled "Enhancing Diabetes Prevention and Care through Healthier Urban Design" at the Western Sydney Diabetes Leaders Alliance meeting on 03 April 2019.

Universities Australia-DAAD Grant success enables powerful collaboration


March saw PowerLab host three colleagues (Prof Joachim Heinrich, Dr Iana Markevych, Dr Marie Standl) from Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, for research collaboration meetings and a PowerTalk. This visit was funded by a Universities Australia-DAAD international collaboration grant led by A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng and Dr Iana Markevych. Prof Joachim Heinrich presented a PowerTalk on air pollution and type 2 diabetes.


PowerLab and UCL join forces for longitudinal health research

In February 2019, PowerLab strengthened research collaborations with UCL’s ESRC-funded International Centre for Lifecourse Studies (ICLS), hosting Professor Anne McMunn and Professor Amanda Sacker for a PowerTalk and also a PowerTools training workshop in Lifecourse Epidemiology.

PowerFest Conference 2018

On December 7th 2018 the Inaugural PowerFest Conference was hosted by PowerLab. Over 80 delegates received presentations from International and National speakers.