Stephanie Toole


PhD title: Climate change adaptation in culturally-diverse Australian households

My research focuses on climate change adaptation at the household scale in contemporary, urban Australia. It is particularly attentive to the subtle, yet pervasive ways in which climate change affects ‘everyday’ life. My doctoral research investigates how culturally-diverse households may respond to, and prepare for, such changes. Through this research, I hope to contribute to understandings of how climate change impacts will be experienced at the household scale, and how household adaptation can be supported.


Toole, S., Klocker, N. and Head, L. (2016) Re-thinking climate change adaptation and capacities at the household scaleClimatic Change 135(2): 203-209. 

Klocker, N., Toole S., Tindale, A. and Kerr, S.-M. (2015) Ethnically Diverse Transport Behaviours: An Australian PerspectiveGeographical Research 53(4): 393-405. 

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