Shaun McKiernan


PhD title: Management, agency and belonging: exploring invasive plant management in high amenity rural areas

I am a cultural geographer with a particular interest in the discourses and practices of invasive plant management. My research focuses on how rural landholders and land managers develop the capacities to learn, manage, and at times live-with invasive plants. This research is based within the human-environment literature and expands on ‘more-than-human’ geographies to illuminate the coproduction of environmental knowledge and action. My research aims to understand the human and nonhuman actors that influence individual management values in order to improve existing approaches to collective action.


McKiernan, S. (2018), Managing invasive plants in a rural-amenity landscape: the role of social capital and Landcare, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

McKiernan, S. & Instone, L. (2016), From pest to partner: rethinking the Australian White Ibis in the more-than-human cityCultural Geographies; Oct 19, 2015