Razia Sultana


PhD title: Urban Green Infrastructure in the Global South: adapting slums to climate change in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Razia's academic research interest contains a range of urban issues including climate change, migration, urbanisation, urban greening and informal settlement. Currently Razia is completing her PhD on ‘Urban Green Infrastructure in the Global South: Adapting Slums to Climate Change in Dhaka, Bangladesh’. The research examines how current grass-root approaches to green infrastructure can be scaled up in climate change strategies in the global South and Bangladesh in particular. The study aims to explore the potential of systematic development of urban green infrastructure as a form of climate change adaptation in Bangladesh’s urban slums.


2017 Global Challenges Travel Scholarship Award, University of Wollongong

2015-current University Postgraduate Award (UPA), University of Wollongong

2008-2009 AusAID Scholarship, University of Queensland, Australia