Hilton Penfold


PhD title: Material Geographies of the Tiny House: Downsizing the 'Great Australian Dream' for Sustainability

Hilton's research interests include geographies of home, household sustainability and Australian Indigenous geographies. Hilton is currently undertaking a PhD focusing on the Australian tiny house movement where he hopes to answer research questions such as, how environmentally sustainable are tiny houses being lived in Australia? And, how does living in a tiny house both nurture and disrupt a sense of home? An understanding of processes of homemaking and home unmaking in tiny houses will prove central to understanding whether tiny houses may be considered an environmentally sustainable housing option. Hilton is drawing upon the theoretical and analytical developments of urban political ecology in order to investigate the interlinkages between tiny house discourse and lived experience. 


Penfold, H. 2017. Indigenous Geographies of Home at Orient Point, NSW. Thesis Submission, Bachelor of Human Geography (Honours), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wollongong.

Journal articles

Penfold, H., Waitt, G., McGuirk, P., and Wellington, A. (2018) Relational understandings of the material house-as-home: learning about Indigenous Geographies of Home with the Jerrinja people at Orient Point, NSWHousing Studies