Alexander Tindale


PhD title: Contesting the urban myth of ethnic segregation

My primary area of research interest is immigration and ethnic diversity. I am particularly interested in where people of different ethnic backgrounds decide to live in Australian cities. My PhD research is entitled ‘Residential patterns of Australian mixed-ethnicity couples: advancing understandings of ethnic geographies’. This project uses census data and Geographic Information Systems to map the geographical distributions of couples involving partners of different ethnic backgrounds. It also adopts a qualitative approach, drawing on interviews with partners in mixed-ethnicity couples to explore the factors shaping their residential decisions. 


Tindale, A., (2018) New patterns of ethnic diversity: exploring the residential geographies of mixed-ethnicity individuals in Sydney, Australia, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

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Tindale, A., and Klocker, N., (2017) Mapping the multiple geographies of mixed-ethnicity couples in Australia, Australian Geographer, 48(4), 473-495. DOI: 10.1080/00049182.2017.1353584

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2013 Institute of Australian Geographers Postgraduate Presentation Award For an Outstanding Presentation by a Postgraduate Student at the Annual Conference of the Institute of Australian Geographers, Perth, Australia

2012 University Medal – Science (University of Wollongong)