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Subjects with an Australian focus

Spring session - commences in July

Full list of subjects offered by the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Subject codeSubject nameCredit pointsSession
AUST101 Australian Studies: Cultures and Identities 6 Autumn
AUST102 Locating Australia 6 Spring
CAVA123 Australian Aboriginal Arts 6 Autumn
ENGL131 Australian Fiction and Film 6 Spring
INDS150 Introduction to Indigenous Australia 6 Autumn
CAPF232 Contemporary Australian Theatre and its Context 6 Spring
HIST258 Australians and the Great War 6 Spring
POL221 Australian Politics 6 Spring
AUST351 Australian History: Moments that matter 6 Autumn
BCM 331 Australian Content, Global Context 6 Spring
HIST351 Australian History: Moments that Matter 6 Autumn
INTS303 Australia in the World 6 Spring

Our Subjects

BCM Communication and Media
CACS Creative Arts (theory)
CACW Creative Writing
CADG Graphic Design
CAMS Music
CAOS Audio/Visual 
CAPA Theatre and Production
CAPF Performance
CAVA Visual Arts and photography
ENGL English Literature
JRNL Journalism
VAD Visual Arts and Design
VCD Visual Communication Design


AUST Australian Studies
CST Cultural Studies
ELL Linguistics
FREN French
HIST History
INDS Indigenous Studies
INTS International Studies
ITAL Italian
JAPA Japanese
MAND Mandarin
PHIL Philosophy
POL Politics
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
STS Science and Technology Studies


Subject level information

  • 100 level: Usually introductory level
  • 200 level: Normally requires some background knowledge of the subject area
  • 300 level: Advanced level undergraduate, should only be taken if student has already studied at least 4-5 subjects in the relevant study area
  • 800 and 900 level: These are for postgraduate students only

6cp = Credit Point value of the subject

View the Course Handbook for subject information.


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