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"I love the freedom of choice."

Dylan Le is student from Vietnam studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media (Honours). Hear more of his story about moving to Wollongong to pursue his passions.

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My name is Hieu Minh Duc LE but you can call me Dylan Le and I'm currently studying Bachelor of Arts majoring in sociology and global media and communication.  The reason why I study in the University of Wollongong is that Australia it's pretty close to Vietnam in proximity and Wollongong, it's a good city for you to really focus on studying and researching and to meet and talk with a lot of people who are knowledgeable and who are expertise of their fields. 

When I first started to go in my major was sociology and economics after that I met with a professor who is now my mentor and she recommended me to transfer into this global meeting communication degree because she saw some potential in it and right now I am happy with my degree. 

Most fun time I had was when I have a chance to talk to Professor's and tutors about the assignments that we're doing. Something that strikingly different is that the freedom of choice and the freedom of the activities you can do in in your course. Tutor would trust their student to the extent that they can do virtually whatever they want in the course of that subject. 

Well the thing about me is that I love family and it's not only the family that you are born in but the family that you created, and so at first you feel a little bit lost, because obviously when you are thrown in a different environment it's hard for you to make friends and never get a variance but when you find your place and when you find the group of people that you belong to, it starts to feel like home



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Ling and Cherry from Thailand and Hong Kong

Hear what our international students have to stay about studying at UOW

Ling Yan Liu

Bachelor of Arts (International Relations and Mandarin)
Hong Kong, P.R.C

I love the discussion in class. The teachers don't just say they are there to help, but they really mean it. I like their attitude and they push you to work hard. They give us a lot of feedback about how to improve our work. It's really encouraging. I like International Relations because I want to understand the world. When you know there is inequality and unfair things happening, you want to help and understand why. 

Ling Yan Liu standing infront of tree


Junjun Liu

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music)

When I started studying at the University of Wollongong, I found such amazing electives. I used to think that I would become a music teacher, but Australia is so fascinating. Australia has so many cultural backgrounds and the people are so friendly. I think this has given me a strong power that I can be creative, be innovative and can write lovely lyrics and lovely melodies. I have a lot of freedom to open my mind to new ideas and opinions. 

Junjun Liu on campus in Wollongong

Hop Dao

Bachelor of Communications and Media (Honours)

As I am rushing to the end of my degree – entangled in a web of finding internships, trying to land a job and doing major projects – having a network that I can rely on is such a therapeutic thing. If university has taught me one thing, it’s that everything I am doing is shaping my future in ways that I could never imagine. Now, I’m curious to see what my future will be like after I graduate and throw my cap into the bright blue Australian sky.

International student Hop Dao at Wollongong beach

Vilde Axelsen

Bachelor of Communication and Media (Journalism)

I love broadcast journalism. I’d love to get into radio or TV. Last year I did JRNL302 which is a group project. We did a project on veganism in the Illawarra and we got great marks. And I found out that we actually won an award for our project. We won the Siobhan McHugh and Thomas Keneally Prize for best oral history. It was such a fun project and it’s so cool to be recognised for our hard work.

International student Vilde Axelsen on Campus


Ayesha Hasan

Doctor of Philosophy

Ayesha's PhD unravels the concept of conflict journalism and the role of female reporters in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ayesha came to UOW to study under the careful eye of her two “wonderful” supervisors, Dr Sukhmani Khorana and Dr Tanja Dreher, who have helped as she juggled the challenges of a new country, a new role, and a new baby. Her PhD is a true reflection of her passions. 
Read more of Ayesha's story here

Ayesha Hasan sitting on couch