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Tutorial swap

What is ASSH tutorial swap?

ASSH tutorial swap is available for the schools of The Arts, English and Media, Humanities and Social inquiry, and Liberal Arts

There is a Moodle site to assist students who were unable to enrol in the tutorial of their choice. By posting 2-3 desired tutorial options as well as your current tutorial details, you will have more of an opportunity in finding a fellow student who is willing to swap their tutorial with you.

To access the site, log into SOLS and click on the eLearning link.

Please note that tutorial swap is only available for selected subjects offered in Autumn and Spring Session at Wollongong Campus. Refer to the subject Moodle site for details.

Step-by-step guide

To make your swap as quick and easy as possible, make sure you follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Attempt to enrol in the tutorial of your choice.
  2. No luck? Access the Tutorial Swap Moodle site via the eLearning link in SOLS.
  3. Read Tutorial Swap Overview.
  4. Post 2-3 desired tutorials and your current tutorial day and time.
  5. Cross your fingers and hope that someone responds to your post!
  6. Found someone?! BOTH STUDENTS must submit a Tutorial Swap Application. (Make sure you submit one form per subject)

Once both students have submitted an application, we will respond within 3 Business days. If successful you will receive a SOLSmail to notify you of your Tutorial Swap.


Contact askuow@edu.au

If ALL Tutorials are full, please contact the relevant subject coordinator.