International Fieldwork

GEOG339: Geographies of Change International Fieldwork - July 2022

This is a hybrid - field-based and online course with students from Australia paired with students in India. Fieldwork will be in the Illawarra, mirrored to virtual fieldwork in Goa, India.

The course is designed to collaboratively study the ecological and anthropological currents through stories and the futures of the sea-scape. 

The coasts of Goa in India and the Illawarra have parallel histories of colonisation, contemporary issues connected to the extractive economies of coal and fisheries, set against the production of picture postcard tourism.

The subject will be conducted as a remote learning experience while retaining the core elements of field methods for students of Geography and Creative Writing.

India is the world’s largest democracy and the world’s fastest-growing major economy. Australia and India just signed a historic trade agreement. Learn from Indian experts, build relationships with activists and scholars.

Small group intensive 3 weeks:
Geography and Creative Writing students

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Associate Professor Michael Adams
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Funded by the Australian Government New Colombo Plan (NCP)

Group of Geography Students on International fieldwork
International fieldwork - Geography students
Hills on international fieldwork trip