Dean's scholar

An enriched educational experience for high-achieving, motivated students

The Dean’s Scholar (DS) Program in the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities aims to provide an enriched educational experience for high-achieving, motivated students. The program is designed for students hoping to make contribution to fields of study through teaching or research, or as professionals.

The program offers many benefits and enriches your education through:

  • Seminars and workshops
    From time to time the Faculty, Schools and Research groups present lectures, seminars or workshops on scholarly topics. Dean’s Scholars will be invited to attend.
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to shared study area and work space
  • Moodle site
    Dean’s Scholars will be enrolled into a Moodle site. This site will be a one stop shop where students can find out what’s happening in the faculty, what seminar and academic enrichment opportunities await.
  • Each school has an academic staff member that is your Dean’s Scholar coordinator. The DS Coordinators can assist you to monitor your progress and provide insight to study options, including admission into an Honours program. 
  • Specialised Dean’s Scholar subject to extend and enrich your learning journey.

Courses and Coordinators

Academic requirements 

All students need to pass their subjects. As a Dean’s Scholar you not only have to pass your subjects you also need to maintain a specific Weighted Average Mark (WAM) for your Dean’s Scholar program.

Please refer to your degree in the Course Handbook to confirm your WAM requirement.

The WAM must be maintained in each year of enrolment from and including Year 2 to remain enrolled in the Dean’s Scholar Program. Academic Integrity (honesty) is important for all students and we expect the highest standards from our Dean’s Scholar students.



Dean’s Scholar students, or students interested in transferring to the program, are encouraged to apply for the University’s Undergraduate, Residential, Foundation or Equity and Merit Scholarships.

More information is available on the scholarships website.