ASSH101 - Introduction to Arts and the Humanities

Your headstart to succeeding at university

Whether you are starting at UOW straight from high school, returning to study after an extended absence, embarking on a career change or transferring from TAFE or other forms of training, the transition to University is an exciting, inspiring but sometimes daunting time.

Everyone comes to University with different backgrounds and expectations and it can be overwhelming as you adjust to a new environment.

You might be concerned about how to plan your degree, what subjects to take, how to work toward a career goal, how to manage assignment workloads, making new friends or even just how to find your way around campus! You many also be concerned about the assessment tasks you’re going to have to do and how to write like a university student.

ASSH101 - Introduction to Arts and Humanities is a compulsory 6 credit point subject for all new students commencing:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of International Studies
  • Double degree versions of the above (except double degrees with Journalism and Creative Arts)

ASSH101 will introduce you to the writing practices in an Arts and Humanities degree at UOW. It will provide you with the support, resources and tools to get your degree at UOW off to a flying start. It will help take the anxiety and stress out of starting university and encourages you to develop your academic skills, form connections, think about your future and get to understand how it all works.

The classes will provide you with opportunities to work together with others and develop a sense of inclusion and belonging under the guidance of a dedicated, experienced academic team of lecturers and tutors. ASSH101 will also give you the chance to discuss issues you may be having in your other first year subjects regarding assessment tasks and other academic requirements, and the skills you develop will increase your opportunities to succeed throughout your entire degree.

As an apprenticeship into tertiary level academic writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences, ASSH 101 introduces the different writing practices students can expect to encounter in an Arts degree. Focusing on developing control of a specific range of Humanities and Social Science-based writing practices, students will also learn strategies for high level reading, decoding “essay” questions, and developing note-taking and essay writing matrixes. ASSH 101 will provide students with insights and practice in the key language features and writing strategies needed to develop for success at university and beyond.

There is a set workbook for this subject which you need to purchase from the Unishop BEFORE the start of week 1. You will need to set aside at least one hour per week to work through the subject materials to prepare for class.

How to Enrol

  • Step 1: Enrol in ASSH101 - Introduction to Arts and the Humanities via SOLS.
  • Step 2: During Orientation Week in February, you will need to enrol in an ASSH101 tutorial that suits your timetable through Student On-Line Services (SOLS).

What you need to do

  • Enrol in a ASSH101 tutorial via SOLS
  • Attend your first ASSH101 tutorial in week 1
  • Work through the subject materials on Moodle to prepare for each tutorial
  • Ensure you attend at least 80% of ASSH 101 tutorials throughout the session
  • Complete each of the four assessment tasks in order to pass
  • Come with a positive attitude and a willingness to share ideas and make new friends

Dr Shoshana Dreyfus
ASSH101 Subject Coordinator
P: +61 2 4221 5976
L: 19.1092