Information for offshore international students

Despite the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, the University of Wollongong (UOW) is committed to providing international students the opportunity to pursue their goals at one of the world’s top ranked modern universities, no matter where they are located.

The following information is for international coursework students located offshore and unable to travel to Australia for Session 2 2021 (Trimester 2 and 3 and Spring sessions) commencement.

UOW continues to work with the sector as well as Government to develop options for international students to travel to Australia. For up-to-date information on returning to UOW Australia visit the returning to Australia page.

Onshore (in Australia) students should refer to the Studying in 2021 site.

Study Options

Students unable to travel to Australia due to COVID-19 or related border restrictions, can commence their UOW course online through remote study. Remote study is a temporary measure enabling offshore international students to keep their study plans on track until travel to Australia is possible.

UOW has already delivered 12 months of quality remote learning for our students during the pandemic.  Read more about remote learning at UOW.


UOW has introduced the following initiatives to support international students who choose to commence remotely in 2021:


10% Commencing Student Offshore Bursary

Student who commence remote study in Session 2 2021 will be eligible to receive a 10% bursary for all subjects studied remotely.

The bursary will be automatically applied following remote course commencement and can be utilised in conjunction with other scholarships and bursaries such as UOW Country Bursaries.

Read more about this bursary and eligibility requirements here.


Deposit Instalments

Offshore international students can secure a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for Session 2 2021 commencement with a reduced deposit of AUD $5,000. A valid CoE will allow students to enrol online and apply for a visa.

The remaining portion of the deposit ($5,000) will be due prior to the Census date of the starting session.

Note: deposit instalments do not apply to UOW College Australia (UOWCA) students.


Reduced Study Load (by application)

In recognition of the challenges faced by international students studying remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, UOW is accepting applications for reduced study load.

Applications for a reduced study load will be considered based on compassionate and compelling circumstances. Academic advice should be sought before any application to reduce study load.



Students looking to commence their studies in Session 2 (Spring or Trimester 3) through remote study should take the following steps:


Course selection and application

An up-to-date listing of UOW courses can be found on Course Finder.

Future UOW students can apply to the University as per normal.


Offer Acceptance and Deposit Payment

Applicants who are successful in gaining an offer can accept their offer as per normal. This includes paying the required Fee Payable (see ‘Deposit Instalments’ above) to secure a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).


Visa Application

Despite the ongoing Australian border closure, we encourage all international students with a CoE for Session 2 2021 commencement to apply for a student visa.

Although offshore students may progress to remote enrolment (see below) and commence online without a student visa, a valid visa will be required for entry to Australia.

Note: UOW continues to work with the sector and government on plans to facilitate international student arrivals in Australia. In the event of an approved model/program, current visa holders will be prioritised for travel. For up-to-date information visit our Returning to UOW Australia page.


Remote Enrolment

Following receipt of a CoE, Session 2 2021 offer holders will receive further instruction by email on how to enrol remotely. The enrolment process is outlined in detail on UOW’s Get Started website.


Orientation and Commencement

UOW Faculties will arrange appropriate remote Orientation sessions for new offshore students. Students will receive direct communications from UOW with details closer to session commencement.

Students who are not able to start their course in Session 2 2021 can delay commencement by deferring their offer to Session 1 or Session 2 2022.

Offer deferral requests can be made here. Upon receipt of the deferral request, UOW Admission will process a new offer with a revised commencement date.

Note: Tuition fees or any bursaries and scholarships applied to the current (Session 2 2021) offer may be subject to change in any revised (deferred) offer.

While Australian borders are closed, UOW is in the unique position to offer study options through its global campus network.

Students can begin face-to-face studies, at a UOW global campus (where their degree is offered) in Dubai, Hong Kong or Malaysia, and transfer to UOW Australia once borders are open.

Students using this pathway will be eligible for a 25% tuition fee discount off the portion of their studies completed onshore in Australia.

For further information, including course availability and application advice, contact our global campus network:

UOW Dubai:

UOW Hong Kong:

UOW Malaysia KDU:

In special cases, international students can apply for a travel exemption from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. Read more about exemptions and requirements.

Please note: Australian citizens and permanent residents may be automatically exempt from travel restrictions. Read more here.