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Early Admission FAQs

Breathe. You've got this.

UOW Early Admission offers were released on Monday 12 October, 2020.

Review and accept your offers through your application portal, and read more about your next steps below.

We know you'll have lots of questions that aren't listed here. So, head to our 'Ask a student' page to chat with real current UOW students, and ask them anything about UOW student life and learning.

*This portal may not work when using a mobile device. To make sure that you get all the information you need, please access the portal using a desktop/laptop computer.

Offers & enrolment

The main condition for all Early Admission applicants is to complete Year 12 (NSW HSC, interstate equivalent or International Baccalaureate (IB) ), and be eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate, IB or equivalent.

It is the expectation of UOW that you will maintain or exceed the level of academic performance indicated in your application, so keep studying and make yourself proud.

You’ve worked hard, so aim to do the best in your exams. Your results will open up opportunities for you, including potential scholarship offers.

Congratulations! If you haven't done so already, your first step should be to accept your offer.

You can only accept one offer at a time, so you should accept the offer that you most want to study. If you change your mind later on and want to accept another offer to UOW, we can help you do that.

To accept your Early Admission offer, log in to your Early Admission application portal and follow the instructions to accept.

Once you accept the offer in the portal, there's nothing more you need to do. You do not need to apply for the course through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), but you can lodge a UAC application if you wish to apply for a UOW course that was not one of your Early Admission preferences.

If you're unsure about which of your offers you should accept, you have time to think about it. Remember, when it is time to officially enrol at UOW (in early January 2021), you will only be able to enrol in one course.

Contact the Future Students team to discuss your options further. You can also book a campus tour to speak to a UOW student representative. 

Short answer: now! You can accept your Early Admission offer (sent on Monday 12 October) as soon as possible. Your offer email includes an 'accept your offer' button. This clicks through to your Early Admission application portal, where you can accept.

Keep in mind you can only accept one Early Admission offer, but if you change your mind at a later date and want to accept a different UOW offer, we can help you do that.

All of the information you'll need about enrolment timeframes and orientation can be found on the Get Started webpage. 

Official enrolments open online on 4 January, 2021.

No. In addition to accepting your Early Admission offer, you will still be able to accept other UOW offers which may be issued in UAC rounds towards the end of the year, once ATARs are released.

Your Early Admission offers will not have any impact on these future offers via UAC.

This has happened because your Early Admission course is listed as your highest eligible preference in your UAC preferences. As you have already met the admissions requirements through your Early Admission application, an offer from UAC (a separate entity to UOW) has been triggered.

If you've been offered the same course (check the UAC code – a six-digit number – to make sure) and you have already accepted it via Early Admission, you do not need to accept it again.

After accepting your Early Admission offer, you would have received (or soon will) an email from UOW titled 'Your UOW Student Number and Next Steps'. As well as your UOW student number, this email details the steps you need to take to begin your enrolment process. When you start this process, the same offer may be listed twice in your UOW enrolment screen. The enrolment system will only allow you to enrol in one course. Follow the enrolment directions and if you have any questions, contact the Future Students team.

It is too late to amend your Early Admission preferences and corresponding offers.

If you wish to be considered for any courses outside of the offers you get from UOW Early Admission, please place them as preferences in your UAC application. You will then be assessed on the basis of your ATAR for these courses.

If you wish to change the campus of your Early Admission offer, please email futurestudents@uow.edu.au with your request and your UOW student number. (Your student number will be emailed to you about a week after you accept your offer.) Our admissions team will see if there are spaces available and get back to you.

Nursing students

Nursing placements at UOW campuses are limited and highly competitive, so it is unlikely that your campus can be altered if you received an Early Admission offer to study nursing. If you do wish to change your campus for nursing, your best option is to place the nursing program at your preferred UOW campus as your top preference in UAC. You will then be assessed based on your ATAR and will hopefully receive an offer for nursing at your chosen campus.

If you received two Early Admission offers and accepted one, but have decided you'd prefer the other, you can make the change in your application portal. You can also contact us if you need help to do this.

If you want to change to a UOW course that you have not been offered via Early Admission, we recommend you place the new course as your top preference in your UAC application.

Please refer to the UAC website and key dates page for more information on UAC offer rounds.

After assessing your application, results and other information you supplied, we reached the decision that the alternate course you've been offered is more suitable.

If you still wish to be considered for the UOW course you originally applied for via Early Admission, you can list it as your top preference in UAC. Please refer to the UAC website and key dates page for more information on UAC offer rounds.

Yes. You can defer your place at UOW for up to one year.

First, log in to your Early Admission application portal to accept your offer. This will trigger the UOW system to generate a student number for you, which you will receive via email. It could take up to a week for this email containing your student number to arrive in your inbox.

Once you have your UOW student number, you can complete a UOW deferral request. When we receive and process your deferral request, we will send you a new offer and information on how to enrol.

Early Admission is just one way to get into UOW. If you received an email advising that you did not meet the UOW Early Admission criteria, you still have options. 

UOW will continue to monitor your application. If your final results are better than expected, we may make you an offer in a later round in January 2021. 

You are also still eligible to gain admission to your original course of choice by applying through UAC and fulfilling the ATAR–based admissions requirements. You can learn more about ATAR-based admission via our high school student webpages. 

Due to Australian privacy laws, information about a student’s Early Admission application will not be disclosed to a third party without written and signed consent.

As part of the Early Admission application, applicants (Year 12 students) can enter the details of a person who they authorise to act on their behalf. If they choose to name someone, that person – and that person only – can be given information about the student's application.

If you are a parent seeking information regarding your child’s Early Admission application and you are not listed as an authorised person on their application, you will need to ensure a consent to release form is completed before we can respond. When completed, the consent form may be sent via email to futurestudents@uow.edu.au.

Please note, this consent to release form will apply to students when they are applying for UOW Early Admission. Once they enrol and their status changes to 'current student', a new updated consent form will be required.

Preparing for 2021

After you accept your offer in your Early Admission application portal, your UOW student number will be sent to you via email around one week later to your preferred email account. This email will also include instructions about how you can start your enrolment.

First thing first: accept your offer as soon as you receive it to reserve your place at UOW. You can then start planning your first session subjects.

Start by searching the course handbook for your course (accessed through the course specific web page), or chat to your faculty for assistance.  

From early January 2021 you can commence online enrolment 

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the following helpful resources for new students: 

UOW is gradually transitioning staff and students back to campus, in line with current COVID-19 restrictions. All campuses in Australia are open and accessible to students, and so are our student accommodation residences.

Right now, most UOW lectures, tutorials and seminars are being delivered online. Some classes are running on campus – mostly practical and laboratory classes, and programs requiring practical placements and work-integrated learning.

We are continually monitoring and assessing the situation, and following the advice of the NSW Government and NSW Health.

We will communicate to all offer holders via email once further decisions have been made. We encourage you to contact our Future Students team with any questions at any time. 

Short answer: now! 

With UOW student accommodation, you can choose to live on campus, by the beach or in the city, and in a single room or shared apartment. There are plenty of options suit your needs. You can also check out virtual tours of rooms and view campus maps to familiarise yourself with UOW accommodation.

You can submit up to three preferences for UOW accommodation. The earlier you apply the more likely you are to get your first accommodation preference.

Receiving your accommodation offer is another weight off your shoulders. You can focus on your final studies, knowing both your UOW offer and accommodation place are secured – ready for a stress-free 2021. 


Yes. UOW offers a range of accommodation scholarships and applications are now open.

UOW is also offering 24 x Relocating Scholarships specifically for Early Admission applicants. These scholarships award each recipient with a $5,000 discount off the costs of their first year of accommodation in a UOW student residence. All eligible Early Admission students will be automatically considered for this scholarship. Learn more about this scholarship.

It doesn't stop there. In addition to the Early Admission Scholarships listed above, you will still be eligible to apply for a broader range of UOW equity, community and academic scholarships if you receive an early offer. You can find all scholarships on the UOW Scholarships page.

UOW Scholarship applications generally open on 1 July and close late November. Most of UOW's prospective student scholarships can be applied for online with the Future Student Scholarship Application. These scholarship applications are processed separately to Early Admission, and will be announced after your ATAR results are received.

More than 200 scholarships are on offer to UOW students each year, rewarding academic or sporting excellence, personal attributes or community contributions.

Scholarships can help with:

  • Financial assistance
  • Work-integrated learning
  • Accommodation

Some external or other scholarship programs such as equity scholarships may require a different application process.

Unfortunately you cannot defer your scholarship should you decide to defer your Early Admission offer. However, you can submit a new scholarship application when you take up your course offer the following year.