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Your Careers Adviser will inform you which of the following transport options your school will be taking.

If you're coming with your school, make sure you check with your Careers Adviser to see how you are arriving (most schools have organised a bus, some students are making their own way etc).

UOW is really keen on preserving the environment. If you're making your own way here on the day, be sure to check out UOW's transport page to check out UOW's public transport like the free shuttle busses, free parking for car poolers etc.


  • If you are travelling to the University on a bus organised by your school, you will arrive at the University's Western Car park (P4). UOW Student Guides in red shirts will meet you there and direct you to the University Hall for registration.
  • All bus departures at the end of the day will exit from the Western Car park. Due to the volume of participants and buses involved, it is imperative that you do not meet at any other point other than the Western Car park.


  • If you arrive by train, you will need to get off at the NORTH WOLLONGONG STATION. You will then need to catch the Blue North Gong Shuttle bus from North Wollongong Station (University Station) to UOW. This bus stops throughout the UOW campus - the best one for you will be 'Kids' Uni' which is the first stop once the bus enters the main UOW Entrance. Once you're off the bus, walk straight ahead through the car park and you will get the Hall where registration is taking place. The blue bus is free, click here to see the timetable - remember to look at the Reduced Timetable times (look for the purple columns).
  • You can walk to UOW from the North Wollongong Station - it is well signed and will take about 20 minutes.
  • The same bus can take you back to the station at the end of the day. Depending on where your day ends; the best spots to meet the bus will be either the Science Building (across the road from our Recreation and Aquatic Centre) or the Hope Theatre - building 40 - just ask one of our Student Reps (who'll be wearing red shirts) where to go at the end of the day.


UOW is really committed to protecting the environment, so we offer free parking to cars that have three or more occupants.

If there is less than three people in your car:

  • If you are coming to UOW by car, please park in the Western Car park. This car park is 'Pay & Display'. A full day parking will cost you $7 - $9.60; head to the UOW Parking webpage for more details. Fines are collected through the Infringement Processing Bureau, not through the University. The University takes no responsibility for fines that visitors to the University are issued with.
  • Once you park your car - please follow the signs to the University Hall where registration will be taking place.
  • All car departures at the end of the day will exit from the Western Car park.

If there are more than three people in your car:

  • Please proceed straight to the Western Car Park, and follow the signs to the free carpool parking gate.This is a boom gate that is monitored and will be opened for you.
  • Park your car and follow the signs to the University Hall for Registration.