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Frequently asked questions

A list of common questions and answers is provided below. If you have a question that is not covered here, then please contact the Discovery Day Team by emailing: discovery-days@uow.edu.au.

Registering to attend

In late October, all schools that are registered to attend UOW Discovery Days will receive a unique password that their students will need to use to register for the event and build their personalised timetable online.

Student registrations will open Friday 1 November and we encourage students to log in to register as early as possible to ensure they secure the sessions that best align with their interests.

Choosing lectures

  • Due to the large number of students attending Discovery Days, it may be difficult for all students to receive their first preferences. Just like at uni; classes are filled on a first come, first served basis, so please register as soon as you can after 1 November.
  • Please choose lectures that you have an interest in. Don’t choose lectures because your friends are going to that session. If you do this it may mean students who are actually interested in those areas of study will miss out - and that's not the way that uni works - you should choose what the best fit is for you.
  • If you are interested in general information about university life, please attend one of the "University 101" sessions offered. This session will give you an idea of what uni life is like from a current UOW student's perspective. Later in the year UOW will put on more information sessions in a town near you that will take you through the courses, entry requirements etc in more detail.
  • Due to size restrictions in some sessions, it is important that you only attend the sessions you are enrolled in.
  • Some sessions will take place in a functioning laboratory or workshop. You will therefore need to wear closed in shoes to participate. Check the subject details as you register by clicking on the subject name.
  • Please arrive at each session on time and do not leave the sessions before they are completed.


You should bring your own lunch or you can use the University's catering facilities. Prices are comparable to fast food take-away outlets. Click here for an idea for what's in store if you want to purchase you food on campus.


Please visit our transport information page to see how to get to and from UOW. Check with your Careers Adviser though, because most schools will be brought here by bus from the school.

Check-in at your UOW Discovery Day

Check in will take place in the University Hall just before the first session of your day. At check-in you will receive a copy of your personal timetable and information pack from UOW.

Check-in begins at 8:45am and you will register according to your surname (if for example, your last name is Smith; you should go to the registration table displaying the letter 'S').

Please ensure that your name is spelt correctly in our registration system before arriving on the day, because the way you write your details during the registration process is the way you're details will appear on your timetable.

Understanding your Timetable

You will receive your timetable when your register on the morning of your Discovery Day.

When you receive your personalised timetable on the day it will give you a venue for each session. The first number of each venue refers to the building number. The second number refers to the floor level and then the actual room number is displayed, for example:

  • Bld 20.2 (or 20.2) = Building 20, Lecture Theatre Number 2
  • Bld 1.G23 (or 1.G23) = Building 1, Ground Floor, Room Number G23
  • Bld 40.125 (40.125) = Building 40, Level 1, Room Number 125