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Admission information for all applicants

The University of Wollongong Doctor of Medicine (UOW MD) program is a 4-year full time graduate entry level medical course operating at both the Wollongong and Shoalhaven campuses by the UOW Graduate School of Medicine (GSM). Successful applicants will be offered a place at one of these locations. The program has an emphasis on the health of regional, rural and remote communities in Australia, in keeping with the vision of the school. Over the four years clinical placements will occur in regional, rural and remote Australia which may mean students will be required to temporarily relocate for up to a year at a time.

The mission of the Graduate School of Medicine (GSM) is to produce excellent medical practitioners with a commitment to patient-centred, evidence-based, reflective and cost-effective medical practice. Graduates will contribute to the enhancement of health care for patients in all geographic settings, but particularly in regional, rural and remote communities. Closing the gap on Indigenous health and social outcomes is a priority and GSM aims to produce culturally safe medical practitioners.

This mission is achieved by delivering an outcomes-focussed, clinically-guided curriculum that is complemented by clinical skills laboratory learning experiences, and the provision of community-based, clinical educational opportunities. These clinical experiences include placements in general practice and specialists’ surgeries, large and small hospitals, and community agencies.

The curriculum is delivered via a range of educational strategies including large group, small group and independent learning activities, supported by a planned “spine” of learning based on cases. GSM is committed to identifying and creating stimulating and supportive educational environments that facilitate student learning. Local medical and other health practitioners are extensively involved in all aspects of the educational, clinical and research and governance components of the program.

A quality assurance approach ensures that the School’s mission is achieved in an effective and efficient manner.

Each academic year is approximately 42 weeks in length. Students should expect to participate in 15-20 hours of structured and 15-30 hours of self-directed teaching and learning activities each week. Part time study is not available for the MD degree program.

On completion of the UOW MD all graduates must undertake one year of pre-vocational training to be eligible for unconditional registration as a medical practitioner in NSW. This training (referred to as PGY1 or internship) occurs under supervision as determined by the NSW Health Education & Training Institute (HETI). Graduates who satisfactorily complete pre-vocational training will be registered as Medical Practitioners in NSW and eligible to apply for registration in Australia and New Zealand.

Admission information

For information regarding UOW MD admissions criteria, eligibility and the application process for domestic, Indigenous and international applicants, please refer to the relevant pages linked below:

Additional information for all applicants

It is a condition of offer that students need to fulfil the following requirements

First Aid Certificate

Successful applicants must have completed and hold a current approved First Aid Certificate (minimum 14hr training content) prior to commencement of study. Evidence of this certificate must be presented on the first day of the program.

Examples of relevant courses are:

No exceptions will be made to this requirement for entry regardless of previous work experience or qualifications.

The cost of a First Aid course is the student's responsibility.

NSW Health Verification

Prior to the commencement of any clinical placement, all students are expected to complete the verification process with NSW Health. Students may be excluded from clinical placement if this process is incomplete.

More information regarding verification, including what is expected can be found at the health-related placements page.

International students are required to bring with them a certified criminal record check clearance letter, in English, from their country of origin. At the time of enrolment applicants must show this letter plus provide a copy for certification by a Justice of the Peace. The copy is then attached to the criminal record check application form.

Students will be excluded from clinical placement if this process is incomplete.


Offers of a place are made for a specified year only and course commencement can only occur in January/February (Semester 1) of each calendar year. Deferral of places is not normally granted. Applicants who do not, or are unable to accept an offer, must re-apply if they wish to undertake the course in a subsequent year.

Transfer from another medical program

Students commencing a medical degree program at any Australian or New Zealand medical school are expected to complete the entire program at their chosen university. Transfer of enrolment between medical schools is not normally approved except in very exceptional circumstances. Any student wishing to transfer into the MD program at UOW must apply in writing to All applications for transfer will be assessed individually by Academic Leader, Admissions & Selection.

Advanced standing

The MD program is a graduate entry program that requires the completion of a Bachelors degree, but has no subject area prerequisites. The GSM accepts and encourage applicants from a wide range of fields. The curriculum is integrated with clinical material from commencement and as such advanced standing is not granted for any part of the MD program at enrolment.


Information on scholarships may be found at:

The NSW Rural Doctors Network keeps track of Scholarship opportunities:

Technology Guidelines for GSM Students

The UOW GSM is committed to using technologies that have been demonstrated, or have potential, to enhance the learning process.

Among the range of technologies that will be implemented, the GSM makes extensive use of an Online Learning Environment that provides students with a collection of educational resource materials; allows for access to a number of online learning activities, facilitates interaction among students, teachers and administrative staff; provides access to weekly formative assessments; and, allows students to track and document their progress through the course.

The University provides access to desktop computers in the public access and medical school buildings, and via wireless internet access campus wide. However, due to the distributed nature of the curriculum, which includes significant periods of time in clinical placements, MD students are strongly encouraged to organize their own access to personal computing facilities.

Printing and photocopying facilities are available on both campuses.