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Alternative Entry

Secure a place at uni before the HSC

During a year of unprecedented challenges, the University of Wollongong is providing NSW students with the opportunity to secure their 2022 place at UOW before they sit their HSC exams. Applications have closed.


  • Choose one UOW course that you would like to be considered for
  • Complete the four questions that align with UOW's Indicators of Success:
    1. What are your study strategies when preparing for an important assessment task?
    2. What has influenced your decision to pursue your course or courses of interest?
    3. Describe a time when you worked with others to achieve a goal.
    4. Tell us about a time when you set yourself a goal and worked really hard to achieve a good result.


UOW will assess applicants based on

  • Academic performance in Year 11, obtained directly from NESA
  • Individual skills and attributes outlined in the application questionnaire
  • Overall suitability for the course applied for based on information provided

Applications have now closed.


Key dates 

Applications open

9am - Friday, 24 September, 2021

Applications close

Midnight - Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Outcomes released

Friday, November 5, 2021

UAC close of preference deadline

Midnight - Thursday 2 December, 2021
UAC offers released  Thursday, 9 December, 2021

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Congratulations! This means you have met the requirements for the course that you applied for, or an alternative course that the faculty have deemed you are more suited too. You now need to watch the Alternative Entry online activation video.

You will then need to log into your UAC application and list your successful Alternative Entry course as your highest eligible preference by midnight 2 December. After doing this, you will receive your official UAC offer on Thursday 9 December. You will then be able to accept this offer and start the process of enrolling in your UOW degree.

If you received an outcome to an alternative course, this means that you haven't met the admissions requirements for the original course that you applied for. However, the Faculty have assessed you for an alternate course that allows you to stay within your field of interest and, in most cases, is a pathway to your original course. If you have questions about your alternative course offer, you can contact our Future Students Team on 1300 367 869. If your alternate course outcome is for a Diploma or University Entrance Program, you can read about these on the UOW College website.

Students that are successful for Alternative Entry will need to view the online Alternative Entry activation video. This short video tells you about UOW and the next steps to get your official UAC offer.

Your Alternative Entry offer is conditional on you being successfully awarded the HSC. There is no condition on you receiving a particular ATAR.

If you have received an Alternative Entry outcome to a Diploma course, this Diploma is offered by UOW College. On successful completion of the Diploma, you can use this to gain entry into a related Bachelor degree, sometimes with up to a full year of credit, meaning you enter the second year of the Bachelor degree. To read more about the Diploma you have been offered, the Bachelor degrees that it leads too, and any credit that you will receive, visit the UOW College website.

You can also contact UOW Future Students on 1300 367 869 to discuss your Diploma course.

f you have received an Alternative Entry outcome to the University Entrance Program (UEP), this is a pathways program offered by UOW College. Your UEP may be for Stream 1, Stream 2, or Stream 3 depending on the original Bachelor course you applied to. The UEP will take 14 weeks to complete. On successful completion of the UEP, you can use this to get admission into the first year of a related Bachelor degree. To read about the University Entrance Program (UEP), visit the UOW College website or call the UOW Future Students Team on 1300 367 869.

Keep working hard and do the very best you can in your final exams. If you are unsuccessful for UOW Alternative Entry, your application will be reconsidered in January upon release of your HSC results and ATAR. You can also list other UOW courses on your UAC application for consideration based on your ATAR. 

Contact UOW Future Students and ask about pathways available to you.

If you apply to UOW Alternative Entry and you are successful in receiving an offer, you will need to have the course as your highest eligible preference in UAC by midnight, 2 December, 2021.


Both programs take a holistic view of the applicant, considering academic performance in Year 11 along with other personal skills and attributes that align with UOW's Indicators of Success. Students that applied through Early Admission have the opportunity to attend an interview, if required, to support their application, whereas there will not be interviews offered through the Alternative Entry program due to the later application dates and proximity to the HSC. Alternative Entry applicants may be required to complete an Offer Activation Event or other activity prior to their offer being released, this is an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the course they have applied for and UOW in general.


Students that are successful through Early Admission will have their official UAC offers on 15 October well before the HSC. Many applicants will know they are eligible for an offer/s from mid-September, providing relief and confidence as they prepare for their final exams. Alternative Entry applicants will be notified of their eligibility in early November, still prior to the HSC, and receive their official UAC offers on 9 December, 2021. Students who applied through Early Admission could apply for two courses, and if successful, receive offers to two courses. Students who apply through Alternative Entry can only apply for one course and if successful receive an offer to one course.  

No, students that have applied for Early Admission cannot apply through the Alternative Entry program. Alternative Entry will assess students based on Year 11 performance and UOW's Key Indicators of Success. Students that applied for Early Admission have already been assessed based on these factors.

Students that applied through Early Admission can apply to other courses at UOW through the regular UAC rounds on the basis of their ATAR.

Unfortunately only students completing the NSW Higher School Certificate can apply for Alternative Entry.

We welcome Interstate students to apply for UOW through the regular UAC process where you will be assessed based on your final Year 12 results and your ATAR.

Students can apply for Alternative Entry who:

  • are currently completing the NSW Higher School Certificate in 2021
  • did not submit an application through the Early Admission program
  • are studying the right mix of HSC subjects to make them eligible for an ATAR

No, students that have applied for Early Admission cannot re-apply through the Alternative Entry program. If a student was unsuccessful for Early Admission or received an alternative offer, they will be reassessed for their Early Admission preference course after final Year 12 results are released.

These students can also apply for other courses at UOW by listing these courses on their UAC application and be assessed based on their ATAR.

UOW recognise that the 2021 Year 12 cohort has experienced immense disruption to their final years of schooling and their assessments. A great deal of this disruption and uncertainty around the HSC occurred during term three, coinciding with the Early Admission application period. The Alternative Entry program allows those students who were greatly impacted during this time, to submit an application and be assessed on attributes other than the ATAR, and receive an offer before sitting their HSC exams, alleviating some of the stress associated with this period.

Almost all UOW courses are available through Alternative Entry. The only courses excluded from Alternative Entry are:

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Wollongong campus)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation

Yes. A UOW Alternative Entry offer is an official UAC offer that can be deferred for up to 12 months. You will need to accept your offer and notify UOW that you would like to defer so that we hold your place for you until 2023.

No. Alternative Entry offers are non-ATAR offers. The only condition is that you complete your final exams and are successfully awarded the HSC.


No, you won't have to attend an interview. Due to the timing of the Alternative Entry program, outcomes will be based on your online application and Year 11 results.


Alternative Entry applicants will be notified by email Friday, 5 November, 2021 (prior to the HSC) .

This email will detail the outcome for the course that you applied for, and any next steps. Your outcome can be either of the following:

  • Eligible for preference course or an alternate course that could be another UOW Bachelor course or a Diploma or Pathways program through UOW College
  • Not eligible for course/s through Alternative Entry and there are no suitable alternate courses available. Your application will be reassessed in January upon release of HSC results and ATAR


Yes. All offers for the Alternative Entry program will be made via UAC on 9 December, 2021. You will need to have the course as your highest eligible preference by midnight on 2 December, 2021.

We received a record number of applications to study the Bachelor of Nursing at our Wollongong campus through the 2021 Early Admission program. Due to this, there are no more pre-ATAR places available for the Bachelor of Nursing at the Wollongong campus. Students can still apply for the Bachelor of Nursing at other UOW campuses through the UOW Alternative Entry Program. Applications for Nursing at Wollongong campus can be made through the regular UAC rounds, applicants will then be considered for admission based on their ATAR or other assessment criteria.

There are limited places in the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation. For this reason, this degree has a separate application process. Applications for the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation closed on Friday, 13 August, 2021.

Alternative Entry assessment will primarily look at Year 11 performance and your answers to the four questions. Year 11 results are obtained from NESA and provide a consistent point of comparison for all students at the same point in time.

When applying for Alternative Entry, you do have the option to upload one or two of your Year 12 reports that show your results for each subject studied so that this extra information can be taken into account when assessing your application for Alternative Entry. You can submit your application without uploading these reports, but it is strongly encouraged that you supply at least one Year 12 report.

Unfortunately only students completing the NSW Higher School Certificate can apply for Alternative Entry.

We welcome International Baccaleaureate (IB) students to apply for UOW through the regular UAC process where you will be assessed based on your final IB results and equivalent ATAR.

Once you have submitted your AE application, you cannot make any further changes to the application yourself.

If you want to make minor changes, such as, list a different course, or edit your contact details, you can email with your fullname, NESA number, and your request, and the UOW team can make the changes for you.

If you want to write different answers to the four questions in the application, it is easier for you to submit a new application.

Please note: changes can only be made prior to the application closing date 11:59PM Sunday 24th October.

If you are partially through the application, and you return to the application later, it should resume from where you were up to. However, if you clear your history/disable cookies or log on with another device, it will start from the beginning of the application. In this situation, you can:

1. Contact UOW at and one of the UOW team will call you and assist you with finishing the application
2. Start a new application

UOW will also reach out to students via phone prior to the closing date if their application is incomplete to assist students with finishing their application before the deadline.

Students cannot delete applications. UOW will use your most recent fully completed application, based on the date submitted. If you wish to keep your first application rather than your second application, email prior to Sunday 24th October, and we will delete the second application as per your request.

I can't describe the feeling. I just felt it all at once, the emotion of finally seeing my dream start to become a reality. It was a huge weight being lifted from my mind just before exams. My early offer was something I will never forget. Sam Current Year 12 student and 2022 Early Admission offer recipient