UOW strongly encourages students to consider leaving their car at home to take advantage of shuttle buses that frequent all of the student residences and stops in the city and at the Wollongong Campus. Students in residences will have access to a car share and bike share scheme. More information is available in the Transport Brochure. Limited paid parking is available at each of the residences and on campus.

Travel information

All road markings, signs and normal traffic rules apply, including speed limits that are enforceable by the NSW Police. Due to the high pedestrian traffic, some areas of the University enforce a 10km per hour speed limit, and disciplinary action may be taken against residents who fail to observe these rules.

For more information refer to NSW Transport Rules Roads.


If you would like to park a motor vehicle at your UOW Accommodation residence, you will need to purchase a permit. Please refer to the Schedule of Fees for information on permits. Parking permits will be available for purchase via a ballot. You will need to register your interest when you accept your offer of accommodation. Please note, permits are limited.

Vehicles of any kind may not be driven or ridden on pathways or grassed areas. For more information please refer to Parking at UOW.


Prior to riding, you should familiarise yourself with bicycle safety rules in New South Wales. For example, international students should be aware it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet and you may receive an “on the spot” fine from the NSW Police Service for not doing so. Additionally it is essential you have lights fitted to the front and rear of your bicycle if you are riding after dark. Please check with your UOW Accommodation administration for the location of the nearest bicycle shed to your unit. You should ensure your bicycle is secured to the bike rack by an approved locking device and the door of the shed is locked when you leave. If not, your bicycle will not be covered by insurance. Bicycles should not be chained to:

  • lamp posts or other fixtures
  • left in stairwells or
  • stored in rooms or units

Bicycles that are found in such inappropriate places or obstructing fire exits will be removed by staff. In such cases no reimbursements will be made for cut chains and the owner will be charged to retrieve the bicycle from the maintenance supervisor.

For comprehensive information regarding transport at the University of Wollongong, please visit Getting to UOW.

Car share

Student Car Share is now available at University of Wollongong!

The cars are available for students living in UOW Accommodation residences. Two Hyundai i30 cars will located at UOW with one at Bangalay and the other at Graduate House.

The cars give you the option to hire one when you need it, without the hassle of your owning your own or paying for parking on site. The system is easy to use so you can book a car with as little as 15 minutes notice via the app. Use the cars to run errands, visit friends and family, or explore the area.

Students can sign up to become a member to receive access to the two vehicles 24/7, with hire rates starting at only $6.00 per hour. This includes the cost of fuel, maintenance, cleaning, registration and insurance. The first 12 months of membership are free, with a one off application fee of only $25.

Download the app from the App Store or Play Store to sign up.

Find out more from your accommodation residence.

Bike share

The bike share program is now available for student residents at Bangalay.

The bikes are a great alternative to needing a car in Wollongong. Cycling is an easy way to get around, with excellent bike paths close by and bike parking on campus and at your residence.

How the system works is:

  1. The Bangalay resident will need to sign the ‘Bicycle Share Deed Poll’ contract and this should be collected, filled in and returned to the Bangalay student residence front office.
  2. To borrow a bike, the resident must sign out using the bike register at the front office and leave their student ID card. Their fobs will be recoded to open the bike shed.
  3. Students must have their own helmets. However, there are helmets available to purchase from the Bangalay front office at a cost of $50.
  4. Once the fobs are coded to open the bike shed, residents are issued with keys for the locks on the bikes.
  5. Upon return of the bikes, the resident will come in to the front office and sign that the bike has been returned on the bike register and return the keys.
  6. Once keys for the bike are returned to the front office the Bangalay residents student ID card will be returned.
  7. Please note that bikes must be returned on the same day.

There are 8 bicycles available for bike share. The bikes are kept in the Bangalay bike shed which is only accessible to Community Leaders and residents who own bikes or those that sign up for the bike share program.

For more information contact Bangalay on 4221 5556 or email