IT access


The University of Wollongong provides a range of IT services to students living in the University’s residences. Facilities include computer outlets in most rooms, computer lab facilities as well as IT Assistance where available. For comprehensive information, please visit our website.


Being a member of a social networking site (for example, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) can be a very positive experience in getting to know your fellow residents and what is happening at UOW Accommodation Services in terms of activities and events. You should however, exercise caution when participating in sites in particular:

  • personal information or photographs you share with others,
  • comments you make and photographs you post, that may negatively affect your chances of gaining future employment,
  • postings on the internet are regarded by the Courts as published statements in the public domain and, as such, may be held to be defamatory. Individuals or organisations may take legal action against the people behind those sites or comments and in some circumstances there are no time constraints for such legal action to commence,
  • exercise some thought as to the nature and content of any videos which you upload onto sites such as YouTube,
  • being involved in any way with any profile, event or group that may be construed as being defamatory or vilify, harass or bully another resident, Community Leader or University staff member. The University will commence disciplinary and/or legal action against any student who is involved or participates in such activity.

Always be aware of your responsibilities as a University of Wollongong student, and a resident of UOW Accommodation, and how your actions could potentially bring the University or UOW Accommodation into disrepute. Please ensure you review the IT Acceptable Use Policy to understand your obligations.