Academic endeavour

The University’s residences are an integral part of the University’s educational program. As such, your academic progress is of great interest to us. You are expected to make an earnest attempt at your academic studies and strive to achieve an appropriate balance between all aspects of your life (academic and personal and extracurricular activities, such as those associated with sport or culture). UOW Accommodation cares about your academic progress and will, where possible, assist you in achieving your best. You should feel free to approach your Community Leader/s or Associate Director, Student Residence if you require academic assistance. They will have a good knowledge of the academic resources available to you and will be able to direct you to the most appropriate area for your needs.

These may include:

  • peers in your degree program (possibly more senior students)
  • your tutor, lecturer, course coordinator, Student Services, the Library or the Learning Development Unit.
  • PASS program

At UOW Accommodation Services, the expectation is that you should achieve at least a Pass (or Pass Restricted or Pass Conceded), in every subject you attempt. A Fail in more than one subject will compromise your progress at UOW. Accordingly, if you fail two (or more) subjects in a session you will be required to provide to the Head or Associate Director, Student Residence, in writing the following:

  • an explanation for why this occurred,
  • an outline of what behaviours you plan to put in place to ensure that your performance reaches a higher level in the following session.

If you do not provide this documentation or it is judged not to have adequately addressed the situation, you will be given seven (7) days to show cause why your residency at UOW Accommodation Services should not be terminated and your place offered to another student. Be assured that if you are able to demonstrate a commitment to academic endeavour, and you are performing at your best possible level, you will be permitted to live and learn at UOW Accommodation Services. If, however, your poor academic performance may be attributed to a lack of commitment to your studies or misplaced energy, then it is not appropriate for you to continue as a resident at UOW Accommodation Services and occupying a place that could be offered to a more committed student.