About your room

Five bedroom units are located in Building 37 which is an older building, progressively being renovated.

All other units are located in the newer buildings: 73, 74, and 75.

Buildings 73, 74, and 75 opened at the start of 2018.

Please note that whilst we do our best to allocate you to your room/location of choice, your ultimate room allocation is at the discretion of Accommodation Services and cannot be guaranteed.

Building 37 has standard single bed sizes, buildings 73, 74, and 75 have king single bed sizes. 

Students should bring:

  • Pillow, bed linen (refer to above bed type) and towels;
  • Small electrical appliances including toaster, kettle, hair dryer etc.
  • Cutlery, crockery (plates, cups, bowls etc.) and cooking utensils;
  • Washing basket, coat hangers;
  • Optional: Study lamp, torch, radio, alarm clock, computer, TV, radio/stereo and headphones.

** Please note- if you are staying in a shared unit at Kooloobong Village, you may wish to wait until after your arrival to discuss the purchase of some shared items with your room mates **

Virtual Tour

Self-catered single room in five bedroom unit in building 37

Self-catered single room in four bedroom unit in building 73, 74, or 75

Single bedroom in units of four have individual bedrooms which contain a king single bed, study desk and chair, ceiling fan and heater (radiator style). The shared kitchen has a cook top, microwave and refrigerator and the shared living area is complete with a dining table and chairs and TV. There is a shared bathroom within the unit.

Building 73, 74, 75 4 bedroom unit

Self-catered one bedroom studio in building 73, 74, or 75.

Studios are fully self-contained, featuring an ensuite bathroom and kitchen. There is a king single bed, cook top, microwave, refrigerator, study desk and chair, ceiling fan and heater (radiator style).

Building 73, 74, 75 studio