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Single rooms in units of 1 – 5 bedrooms (with limited cooking facilities)

These units have no cooking facilities within them and for fire safety reasons, no cooking is permitted within these units. There are limited communal kitchen facilities available nearby. Residents in these areas have access to the Dining Room which caters for a wide range of dietary needs. Your weekly price includes meals and you can also purchase a range of snacks as required.

Please note, some units lack a shared common room, but have access to a good variety of nearby spaces suitable for socialising and study.

Catered 5 bedroom unit

Catered 3 bedroom unit

Self-catered accommodation – (cooking facilities are available in these units)

Residents in these areas can purchase meals and snacks from the dining room and café in addition to utilising the shared cooking facilities in each unit. This accommodation style is ideal for students ready for more independence. All units have a shared living/dining room, kitchen and shared bathroom.

Self catered 5 bedroom unit

Self catered 2 bedroom unit