We are excited to introduce you to your Resident Ambassadors and Residence Managers. These students and staff are here to support you during your time on campus and to help make your transition to living in UOW accommodation as smooth as possible.

Meet your Resident Ambassadors and Residence Managers

We're here to help you get involved and connected on campus and ensure a safe and enjoyable living experience. Please say hi to us when you see us around and let us know if you need help with anything at all!

Hi. I'm Kasyana, and I'm a Bachelor of Science Honours student, and I'm from Bangladesh. And I'm also a Resident Ambassador at International House. You can come to the RAs for any information that you need, from free transportation to where the bus stops are, to where you can get your student card to any enquiries about living in Accommodation, to starting university life and also about the events that we are running and any suggestions that you have for any events that you want to see happening. And also you can come to me for the nearest fast food restaurants because that's where I’m always at!

Hi. My name is El and I'm the manager here at I-House. So I look after all the residents here and if you ever have any questions or if you need some support, I'm always available. Just drop by the office and come and see me.

So we are really excited to see you next year in 2023. See you then.

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