Bangalay and Graduate House

We are excited to introduce you to your Resident Ambassadors and Residence Managers. These students and staff are here to support you during your time on campus and to help make your transition to living in UOW accommodation as smooth as possible.

Meet your Resident Ambassadors and Residence Managers

We're here to help you get involved and connected on campus and ensure a safe and enjoyable living experience. Please say hi to us when you see us around and let us know if you need help with anything at all!

Hi. My name's Ebony. I'm a Resident Ambassador here at Bangalay and I'm studying Nutrition Science. Alongside myself we have other Resident Ambassadors and amazing staff here who are here to help you as well.

While we're here to put on lots of fun events for you, we’re also here to help you so we can help you log maintenance requests navigate SOLS and Moodle, and we're also here as a friend if you need us and we can help refer you to other services as well, so don't be shy to come and say hi to us.

Hi everyone. My name is Thidarat Thongdang. I am an Manager at Bangalay and Graduate House. My role is to supervise the admin team and the resident advisor team at Bangalay and Graduate House. I also am here to provide day to day support and pastoral care to the residents.

So if you have any questions, please come to the office. I am always located in the Bangalay office. I am looking forward to welcoming you to Bangalay and Graduate House this year.

See you soon.

Meet your Resident Ambassadors


Meet your Residence Managers