Director's welcome


On behalf of the University of Wollongong and Accommodation Services I extend a very warm welcome to all UOW residents. The student residences provide a unique community which aims to be secure, supportive and sustainable. Our student residence communities welcome students from all parts of Australia and the globe, and we have a strong ethos to support diversity and individual needs. Your journey through student residences and the University should be one where you share your unique life experiences and perspectives with a wide range of other people, and develop new understandings of the world. It is very typical of your student residence experience that you make new friends who will be a part of your future - I very much encourage you to join in the activities, programs and experiences that UOW Accommodation will offer you. Just try smiling and putting your hand out to your fellow residents.

Starting university can be one of the most exciting times of our lives, we get to meet new people, are exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking, learn to live independently and make lifelong friendships. However moving away from our local support networks can also be daunting and it’s not uncommon to experience stress, anxiety and poor mental health at these times of transition; which is why our accommodation services aim to provide a supportive environment in which residents live, learn and flourish. We see health and wellbeing as a two way conversation. We will make sure that we ask you “how you are going” but if you have a health challenge that you feel you may need some extra support we ask that you connect with member of our of experienced and understanding staff. We can then work with you to put that support in place as early as possible to ensure you have the best possible experience at uni.

To make the most of this community, it is important that all residents are aware of the rules and expectations that come with living in one of the UOW student residences. All of these can be found in this handbook and it is the responsibility of all residents to be familiar with the contents of this handbook, and to take the time to read through and know where to access information.

These rules are designed to ensure that all residents are able to enjoy the shared experience of being a student in a University residence. These rules and the penalties for breaching them, are set out in the Student Conduct in Residences Policy.

As the Director of Accommodation Services, I work closely with all of the Associate Directors Student Residence, Staff and Resident Ambassadors across a range of issues to develop culturally engaging and exciting student residences. Accommodation Services’ priority is student well being and our mission is to provide supportive, secure and sustainable residential communities. All of the residences share the overarching values of supporting diversity, personal growth and academic success.

Our Associate Directors, Student Residence, together with their management teams, are highly trained, committed and experienced individuals, supported by staff that share the priorities and mission of Accommodation Services. I encourage you to contact our staff if you have anything that you wish to discuss.

Finally, I wish you all the very best in your studies.

Theresa Hoynes
Student and Accommodation Services