2023 Residence rules

2023 Residence rules

UOW has a unique community within the University and the larger community of the Illawarra. There are many people in residence from a broad cross-section of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is expected that all residents will conduct themselves in a mature manner which is considerate of others living at any of the UOW residences. We encourage behaviour which demonstrates:

  • a commitment to higher education, 
  • respect for the rights and needs of fellow residents, 
  • a willingness to participate in the life of the college, 
  • an involvement in community engagement.

The rules and expectations outlined below are designed to ensure that all residents can enjoy the shared experience of being a student in a university residence. Any breach of these terms and conditions can be subject to disciplinary measures. These measures can vary from warnings and demerit points through to exclusion from residence. An accumulation of demerit points, or a major breach of this agreement can lead to your Accommodation Agreement being terminated and your subsequent eviction from all UOW residences, with associated financial penalties.

Furthermore, The University has defined Rules, Codes, Policies and Procedures governing acceptable and unacceptable conduct of students during their studies at the University, and students who are members of UOW Living residential communities. All students must review the contents of these policies to ensure they understand the rules that govern their time at university, and UOW Living.

1.1 Verbal and Physical Violence

Residents must not commit or threaten to commit an act of violence against themselves or any other person. Residents must treat others with courtesy and respect, including not engaging in sexual misconduct or behaviour that is perceived by others to be threatening or intimidating.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has specific policies and procedures for the prevention, reporting and management of sexual harm within the University community, and for more information please visit the UOW Safe and Respectful Communities website.

Any acts of violence will be treated extremely seriously and can result in immediate exclusion. UOW Residence Management may also refer any incidents of assault to the NSW Police Force.

1.2 Hazing and Initiation activities

Participating in, condoning or organising any activity involving the harassment of residents, also commonly known as hazing, is prohibited. Any such activities should be reported to UOW Residences Management immediately.

1.3 Solicitation

Solicitation is prohibited. Solicitation is when a person or organisation tries to make uninitiated and/or uninvited contact with you for the purpose of promoting or endorsing an idea or product that you do not welcome. This may include, but is not limited to actual approaches, personal electronic messages, mail, posters, social media posts and invitations.

Such ideas and/or products can include, but are not limited to; religious beliefs, political parties, seeking sexual favours, encouraging the purchase of an item or ticket to an activity or event, or promoting membership of an external non-University club or religious organisation.

Residents should seek prior written approval from UOW Residences Management should they wish to conduct any fundraising activities, or to promote an event, activity, club and society or group that is not currently sanctioned directly by the University of Wollongong.

1.4 Discrimination

The University of Wollongong seeks to promote an environment that is free from all manifestations of unlawful discrimination and recognises the positive value of a diverse community of residents, staff and affiliates.

Residents are expected to act in a way that shows acceptance and support for diversity. For more information see the University of Wollongong Respect for Diversity Policy.

1.5 Bullying and Harassment

The University of Wollongong does not tolerate bullying, discrimination, harassment, racism, sexual harassment, hazing and verbal or physical violence. Residents must abide by all relevant University of Wollongong policies. These policies can be found in the University of Wollongong Policy Directory.

Please also see the UOW Safe and Respectful Communities website.

1.6 Noise and Disturbances

Any behaviour that causes a disturbance by impairing the reasonable freedom of residents or staff to pursue their studies, research, duties or to generally participate in the life within residence is prohibited.

A noise curfew must be observed between 10pm and 9am every day of the week (Monday to Sunday).

Residents must follow the reasonable direction of staff in relation to noise complaints. Persistent breaches of this rule can be considered under Rule 3.7 - Failure to Comply.

If a resident is being disturbed by a fellow Resident or Residents, they should contact a UOW Residences staff member.

2.1 Consumption of Alcohol

The University of Wollongong seeks to create the environment where the consumption of alcohol and the associated behaviour does not negatively impact Residents in UOW Residences.

If you are of legal drinking age (18), you may consume alcohol in compliance with all laws.

The abuse of alcohol is unacceptable and harmful, and if your behaviour whilst under the influence of alcohol is deemed disruptive or inappropriate, you may be subject to disciplinary action.

2.2 Alcohol-Free Areas

You may only consume alcohol within a room/unit in UOW Residences. All other areas within The UOW Residences are strictly alcohol-free; this includes the carrying of open alcohol in these areas.

2.3 Alcohol-Free Periods

There may be designated periods throughout the year where residences will be declared alcohol free. These periods are set by UOW Residences Management and will be communicated to all Residents.

2.4 Drinking Games

Drinking games are prohibited as they are incompatible with the responsible consumption of alcohol. They create competitive pressure to drink, drunkenness, abusive behaviour and language, and harassment that causes offence to both drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

2.5 Group Drinking

Group drinking - defined as more than 10 people gathered while alcohol is present - is prohibited.

2.6 Drinking Trophies or Memorabilia

The collection or display of alcohol cans, bottles or any other items that celebrate or facilitate the excessive consumption of alcohol (including but not limited to punch bowls or beer bongs) is prohibited. UOW Residences staff reserve the right to confiscate these items.

2.7 Production of Alcohol

Fermentation and/or distillation of alcoholic liquor is not permitted within any UOW Residences. The possession or use of kegs, compressed gas cylinders or associated chemicals used in the making of alcohol is prohibited.

3.1 Smoking and Vaping

Residents are only permitted to smoke cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapes or other forms of legal smoking products within a designated smoking area at a UOW Residence.

3.2 Conflicts of Interest and Relationships

UOW Residences stakeholders (residents, staff and contractors) have a responsibility to identify, and appropriately manage, conflicts of interest pertaining to close personal relationships.

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of a staff member or contractor, please contact the UOW Residences Management.

For more information see the University of Wollongong Conflict of Interest Policy.

3.3 Conducting a Business

Residents, their Families, Visitors and Guests are not permitted to conduct a business of any description from any of the UOW Residences. UOW staff will not provide financial or legal advice in relation to what constitutes a business and such enquiries may be referred to the UOW Legal Services Unit.

3.4 Cleaning

Residents are responsible for keeping their studios/units/bedrooms, clean and tidy at all times.

The cleaning of common areas (i.e., lounge rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms) within shared units are the responsibility of the residents of that unit.

Periodic inspections of all resident studios/units/bedrooms will be conducted via a schedule advised by UOW Residences Management. A room inspection calendar will be communicated to residents in advance via email.

If a room or unit does not meet the required standards, the Resident(s) will be informed and provided with a time frame to meet the standard. If the room/unit fail the cleaning re-inspection, a cleaning fee will be charged to the Resident(s)’s account. Failure to comply with these cleaning rules may be subject to misconduct proceedings.

Information about cleaning charges can be clarified at your Residence Office.

    1. Rubbish Removal
      Residents are responsible for taking out their own rubbish from both the bedrooms and common areas to the designated waste stations. Failure to do so may incur a fee.
    2. Departure
      Upon departure at Contract End Date, upon room transfer, or upon early termination departure, residents must leave the room/unit in a clean and vacant state, consistent with the room condition report the Resident(s) submitted on occupation of the room/unit.

      The University of Wollongong reserves the right to charge residents the cost of cleaning the room/unit to a condition fit for occupancy.

3.5 Personal Hygiene

All Residents are expected to maintain a healthy standard of personal hygiene. Lapses in maintaining a minimum standard of personal hygiene can constitute a health risk. Where such lapses are noted, Residents may be approached by a staff member to undertake a review of their current hygiene practices.

3.6 Dress

Footwear and clothing must be worn in UOW Residences at all times when in common areas. UOW Residence staff may direct a Resident to wear appropriate clothing or footwear in the interest of safety or respect to others.

3.7 Failure to Comply

Any reasonable request or directive from a UOW staff member or relevant authority such as Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade or approved UOW contractor must be complied with. Failure to do so is deemed Failure to Comply.

3.8 Furniture

University furniture, equipment and other fittings are not to be used for any purpose other than their intended purpose.

      • indoor University furniture should not be taken outside.
      • common area furniture should not be removed or relocated to individual rooms or units.
      • personal furniture approved for private spaces must not be used in outdoor or common areas.

Residents, either individually or collectively (should the individual not be identified), will be charged any/all costs incurred by the University in removing and disposing of any personal furniture and/or in relocating furniture to its original location.

Approval from UOW Residences Management must be obtained prior to any personal furniture, large appliances and/or equipment being placed brought into and stored in any UOW Residence.

3.9 Posters

UOW staff reserve the right to remove, without prior notice, posters in common areas that are unapproved, considered out of date, offensive, or otherwise inappropriately placed.

4.1 Damage

The University of Wollongong reserves the right to apply fees where a Resident has been deemed to be responsible for damaging University of Wollongong property. This may involve paying for all costs associated with the repair or replacement of those damaged items.

4.2 Decorating

Residents are permitted to decorate rooms/units using non-permanent fixings. All fixings and decorations must be removed at Contract End Date.

It is prohibited to paint or draw murals, signs, messages or any form of artwork using any substance (whether permanent or otherwise) on surfaces or appliances.

Fees for cleaning, repairing or replacement of any damaged surfaces will be charged to the room/unit’s current occupant(s).

5.1 Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia

Residents, their Families, Visitors and Guests may not use, produce, supply, or possess a prohibited drug on or around UOW Residences. Legal substances, which if used inappropriately result in similar effects of illegal drugs (including but not limited to Amyl Nitrate or Nitrous Oxide) are also prohibited.

The possession of drug-related paraphernalia whether it is being actively used or not, is prohibited.

Residents must remove themselves from a situation in which prohibited drugs or drug paraphernalia are involved and immediately report the presence of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia to a member of staff.

The University of Wollongong is obliged to assist law enforcement agencies with respect to enquiries on illegal drugs.

5.2 Unlawful Behaviour

Unlawful behaviour is not tolerated at University of Wollongong. This is defined as any behaviour contravening any State or Federal legislation. Any unlawful behaviour should be reported to UOW Residences staff immediately.

6.1 Emergencies

Any accident or incident for which a Resident, their Family, Visitor or Guest requires the support of Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire NSW or NSW Police) should immediately be reported to UOW Residences staff.

In the event of a medical emergency, call 000. If you cannot, immediately contact a staff member.

7.1 Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted within UOW Residences:

  • Candles (including decorative, memento or souvenir candles)
  • Oil burners or lamps
  • Incense
  • Pest control devices
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Flammable or combustible substances (such as petroleum, paint thinner, kerosene, BBQ lighter fluid etc.)
  • Shisha pipes
  • BBQs
  • Stolen items (including road and directional signs)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Propane fuelled equipment
  • Automotive or industrial batteries
  • Dry ice
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Swimming Pools

Items such as microwaves, portable air conditioners, washing machines and clothes dryers are not permitted unless supplied, installed, and maintained by the University of Wollongong.

This list of prohibited items is not exhaustive. Other items may be considered safety hazards and subject to prohibition at the discretion of the UOW Residences Management. UOW Residences staff will remove any hazardous materials immediately with any resulting costs charged to the Resident responsible for their presence on campus.

7.2 Heaters

Due to the potential fire risks, floor radiators and bar heaters in rooms/units are not permitted.

Please contact your residence office for advice and approval on permissible heaters at each UOW Residence.

7.3 Pets

Pets are not permitted in UOW Residences, with the exception of approved assistance animals. The prior approval of assistance animals must be sought in liaison with the University of Wollongong Student Accessibility and Inclusion team.

7.4 Electrical Equipment

It is the Resident’s responsibility to ensure all electrical equipment in their room and unit common areas is safe and meets Australian Standards. The use of electrical equipment not complying with Australian Standards, the use of double adapters, and overloading circuits may cause fire and is deemed a serious risk.

The University of Wollongong reserves the right to charge a fee for the misuse of electrical equipment.

8.1 Visitors and Guests

All Visitors and Guests must sign in at the Residence office and must be accompanied by the Resident at all times.

Residents are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their Visitors and Guests of the Resident, and the Resident is liable for all expenses, costs, fees, charges and damage incurred by Visitors and Guests including any injury or property damage they cause. The Resident may also be subject to disciplinary or other action under University of Wollongong policies as a result of the conduct and behaviour of their Visitors and Guests.

Residents are permitted to have a Guest stay in their room without charge for no longer than two (2) consecutive nights in any calendar month. Should a Resident wish for a Guest to stay with them in their room longer than two (2) consecutive nights, the Resident must seek written approval. Residents with Guests approved to stay longer than two (2) consecutive nights but no more than four (4) consecutive nights will be charged a fee for each night the Room is occupied after the 2 complementary nights.

8.2 Children and Young People Visiting Accommodation

If you bring a Child (a person under the age of 16 years) or Young Person (a person who is aged 16 years or above but is under the age of 18 years) to any University of Wollongong Residence you must ensure that they are appropriately supervised by you or another adult at all times.

You need to ensure that they cause minimal disruption to others, are not allowed access to areas that are restricted for health and safety reasons and are not allowed access to alcoholic beverages or other prohibited drugs or substances.

The UOW Residences Management may intervene immediately if the child’s health or safety is at risk, the child is presenting a health or safety risk to others, the child’s behaviour is causing undue disruption to the work of staff or students, or if in the opinion of the UOW Residences Management, the presence of the child is inappropriate.

Graduate House and Bangalay are the only University of Wollongong managed residences that are suitable to accommodate Families and Children.

8.3 Fire Alarms and Building Evacuations

In the event of a Fire Alarm or Building Evacuation, Residents are required to follow the reasonable direction of staff and Emergency Services personnel.

The University of Wollongong reserves the right to impose a fee for a fire alarm activated by a Resident, Visitor or Guest where NSW Fire and Rescue attend.

8.4 Fire Safety Equipment

Residents must not tamper with fire safety equipment and fire exit doors. Tampering with fire safety equipment or fire exit doors is an offence under the Law and may comprise of attempting to cover or in some other way disable a smoke/heat detector, silencing or decreasing the safety warning emitted from a siren or horn, or making a fire exit door, extinguisher, or other equipment unusable or unfit for purpose.

Residents found responsible for the tampering with fire safety equipment will be subject to misconduct proceedings and their Contract may be terminated. The University of Wollongong reserves the right to impose a fee for the repair or replacement of tampered equipment.

8.5 Balconies

To ensure safe, clean and tidy balconies, do not:

  • throw or allow any item to be thrown over the rail;
  • use the balcony as a storage area for boxes, refrigerators, furniture or other items;
  • place University furniture which is designed for internal use on them,
  • hang items over the rail or other fixtures and/or suspend temporary clothes lines across them;
  • post or suspend any banners or advertising material on the balcony doors or over the rail or other fixtures;
  • suspend hammocks or similar items to the railings or support beams;
  • smoke, cook or use naked flames (including candles or citronella lights) on the balcony
  • create excessive noise, particularly late at night.

8.6 Restricted Areas

Residents should not enter restricted areas without authorization from UOW Residences Management. Restricted areas include, but are not limited to, office spaces, formal meeting or conference rooms, roof tops, secure storage areas, and electrical, communications, or machine rooms.

8.7 Doors

Residents must not prop open any room or unit doors at any time as this is a security risk and a potential safety hazard. Residents who risk their own or others’ safety through door breaches may be subject to misconduct proceedings.

8.8 Access Keys

Residents must keep access keys issued to them safe and secure, and not duplicate or allow any other person, including Visitors, Guests or other Residents, to use their access keys.

In the event a Resident loses their access keys they are required to report this to the UOW Residence staff. Fees may apply for the replacement of access keys.

9.1 Vaccination a condition of residence

Because of the increased risk of COVID-19 transmission in shared residential settings and consequential health risks, it is a condition of residence in all UOW Student Accommodation covered by these Rules that every resident, family member or guest aged 12 and older, either:

  • has had 2 doses* of a COVID-19 vaccine (being a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the Commonwealth for use in Australia as a vaccine against COVID-19, or recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the Commonwealth as an appropriate vaccine against COVID-19 for incoming travellers to Australia) and any additional doses for which they are eligible, in accordance with published NSW Health recommendations; or
  • has a medical contraindication that prevents them from receiving any COVID-19 vaccine available in NSW.

* or a single dose of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine.

Please see the Therapeutic Goods Administration website for details of approved vaccines.

9.2 Proof of vaccination

It is a condition of residence in all UOW Student Accommodation covered by these Rules that a resident, family member or guest aged 12 and over, complies with any request made by UOW Accommodation staff to provide evidence of their compliance with the condition at 11.1 (see below for acceptable forms of evidence), in the manner and within any timeframe specified in the request.

Evidence of vaccination (condition 11.1) should take the form of:

  • Evidence from the Australian Immunisation Register (e.g., online immunisation history statement, a COVID-19 digital certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register); or
  • Official evidence from an equivalent central register or health department if vaccinated in another country; or
  • A certificate from a medical practitioner if neither of the above available.

Evidence of a medical contraindication should take the form of:

  • Evidence from the Australian Immunisation Register that a medical contraindication has been recorded; or
  • A certificate issued by a medical practitioner certifying that, because of a specified medical contraindication, the person cannot have any approved COVID-19 vaccine available in NSW.

All evidence must be clear, legible, in the English language, contain the person’s name and date of birth.

9.3 Resident COVID Plans

Residents with a medical contraindication to vaccination may be required to enter into a written Resident COVID Plan (RCP), which will set out agreed measures to manage risks associated COVID-19.

The content of the RCP will depend on each Resident's individual circumstances and will include reasonable requirements and adjustments to that person's living situation designed to manage the health and safety risks to themselves and others that are associated with living in high density housing. These measures may include moving to a studio apartment, wearing a mask in common areas, or undertaking regular COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen Testing and supplying the results of that testing to UOW. Once in place, Residents will be required to comply with the terms of their RCP.