Physics helps us understand the world, ourselves and the universe in which we live.

When you study physics at UOW you join leading researchers and teachers in fundamental physics, medical and radiation physics, and nuclear science and technology. You will work alongside these world-class academics and learn about the very latest developments in the field of physics. All UOW physics degrees are fully accredited by the Australian Institute of Physics, while our strong ties with labs such as ANSTO and CSIRO ensure you receive industry exposure throughout your degree.

The Federal Government's Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) ranked UOW in 2015 as the best university in NSW/ACT for Science & Mathematics.

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  • Study at UOW - Evan Constable

    "Studying physics at UOW helped me discover how the universe works. The fundamentals I learned in my undergraduate degree and the practical skills I learnt in my postgraduate degree have been essential to my role as a scientist. Now I’m living in France and being paid to do the science I really enjoy. What more could I ask for?"

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institut Néel, France
    Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)2010
    Doctor of Philosophy 2015
  • Study at UOW - Jayde Livingstone

    "My degrees at UOW gave me many opportunities to gain insight into the world of research. I had opportunities to be involved in local and international collaborations, conduct research at state-of-the-art international facilities and attend conferences to present my research and network with professionals in the field."

    Scientist, Australian Synchrotron
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics Advanced Honours

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