UOWx 101 Program

Get started with UOWx101: UOWx101 provides you with the foundational knowledge you need to succeed with UOWx.

What is UOWx101

UOWx101 runs over eight weeks, during which you will participate in activities and workshops to help you:

  • Understand co-curricular;
  • Find out how to get involved in UOWx;
  • Discover self-reflective practice;
  • Engage in goal setting; and
  • Network with other students

By the end of the program, you will be able to build a plan for your co-curricular journey throughout your degree.

Learn more about UOWx101

UOWx101 will be run as a combination of online activities and webinars – meaning that you can join the program from wherever you are studying! It is a great opportunity to meet students from other campuses as well as learn more about co-curricular.

You will need to allow for 1-2 hours per week over the course of the program to keep up to date with the tasks.

Part 1: Introducing … Co-Curricular

Find out about co-curricular activities UOW and getting involved

Part 2: Magic Mirror

Learn about yourself through self-reflection and how this skill will help you throughout your study and work life

Part 3: Roadmap

Discover how UOWx can support your goals and start mapping out what you want to achieve

Part 4: Build your co-curricular plan

Create your co-curricular plan so you can meet your personal and professional development goals throughout your time at UOW.

UOWx101 will run two times in 2023 during each semester.

Autumn 2023

Applications for Autumn session have closed.

Spring 2023

Applications for Spring session will open on 17 July 2023 and will close on 9 August 2023.

Register your interest to join the UOWx101 Program in Spring 2023

Q: How long does it take to complete UOWx101?

A: The program runs for eight weeks, starting in Week 4 of the semester

Q: I've applied for UOWx101 for Autumn 2023, when will I find out if I've been accepted?

A: Students who have applied to commence UOWx101 in Autumn 2023 will receive an outcome of their application by 17 March.

Q: Am I eligible for UOWx101?

A: The program is perfect for first year students but all students are welcome to take part!

The program is not available to students in their final session of study or students who have also applied for the UOWx Award Program.

Q: I am studying with Sydney Business School, when can I join UOWx101?

A: Sydney Business School students are very welcome to join UOWx101 along with either the Autumn or Spring students.

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