Tutorial problems

Timetable and class selection issues

If you are having problems with your class selection such as class clashes or full classes, you may need to select a different class. If you cannot select a different class option (i.e. if all options are full or you have missed the cut off date for enrolment) please refer to the Timetable FAQs which may be of assistance.

If the Timetable FAQs do not answer your enquiry, you will need to refer to the relevant Faculty instructions below.

Please note: students cannot make timetable requests in advance of timetable selection openings.

Contact information

For a specific timetable change request, students will need to contact their relevant Subject Coordinator detailing the reason for the request. Subject Coordinator details will be shown on the relevant Subject Outline available in Moodle (at the start of session).

If you are still having problems contact ASSH.

If you have a specific timetable change request, you will need to liaise directly with Business and Law.

Contact your Subject Coordinator with your specific timetable change request. Your Subject Coordinator's details will be shown on your Subject Outline which is normally available in Moodle.

For other enquiries, you can contact EIS Central.

Please refer to the tutorial enrolment page for information about requesting a change.

For all other enquiries, please contact SMAH Central.

AreaEmailPhoneTutorial System Information 
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)  pass-enquiries@uow.edu.au (02) 4221 5685 

Find more information here.

Enrol in PASS tutorials via SOLS.

Careers Central

Depending on the subject:

GWP 800 & GWP 900

For CRLP200 and CRLP201:

(02) 4221 3325  Contact Careers Central to get enrolled   
UOW Dubai      Undergraduate UOWD students should refer to SOLS for opening times.