Tutorial opening times

When will Class Selections Open?

Congratulations on successfully enrolling into your subjects for your degree! The next step is enrolling into your tutorials which are your actual class times.

To choose your tutorials (or computer labs, practicals etc) you will need to select them through SOLS under the link “Tutorial Enrolment” once the tutorials have opened. Opening dates and times vary for each subject.

Opening dates and times can be seen in SOLS once you click on the individual subject – in "Tutorial Enrolment".

Opening dates for your Faculty can also be found below:

Business Tutorial Opening Times 

EIS Tutorial Opening Times 

LHA Tutorial Opening Times 

SMAH Tutorial Opening Times 

SOC Tutorial Opening Times 

Remember: Class selections will open at different times for different subjects

This information it normally updated a few weeks before session starts. If you still have questions, contact your Faculty's tutorial contact for more information.   

Last reviewed: 17 March, 2017