Eligibility for UOW Disability Services

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We provide advice and support for students with a medical condition, injury or disability. We also provide support for primary carers of students impacted with these issues.

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Disability services can help you find your purpose at uow we recognize that some students may need extra support to achieve their goal in Australia one in five university students drop out in their first year. At UOW that number falls to one in ten that's why we have five star ratings from the good university guide to student retention and student support in the last ten years the disability service have supported 5345 students with a wide range of disability and illness these include mental health neurological and learning disorders chronic medical conditions physical disability vision and hearing impairment. We also support carers of people with the disability. Not all disabilities are visible but all the students we support they have one thing in common – ability. Our aim is to cultivate inclusion within everyone's ability. Contact our team, we are here to help you succeed at UOW.

Who is eligible for support?

Our service supports current or prospective UOW students tackling challenges in the following areas, and their primary carers:

We know that people affected by these types of challenges can go through ups and downs with them. They can be permanent, temporary, episodic or fluctuating and sometimes, they can even feel under control. In our experience, it really is best to talk to us about what you are dealing with up front - no matter what stage you are in or how it is currently affecting you. Our team are experienced and your discussion is free and confidential. So if you're dealing with anything in this arena, get in touch.

I'm eligible - what do I do next?

3 simple steps:

  1. Registration: If you're going through any of the above, register with us online right now so we can set you up with the right support. 
  2. Initial consultation: Once you've submitted the online registration form, we will contact you within around 48 hours to set up a consultation.
    We do tend to get very busy during session start though. Be assured we will contact you within 48 hours however the wait may be a little longer for your consultation at that time - up to 2 weeks. 
  3. Supporting documentation: You will also need to provide supporting documentation. You would normally submit this with your online registration however if this is not possible, we will chat to you about the requirements when setting up your consultation. You will need to bring it along to that first consult so we can successfully complete the registration process. 

Just keep in mind that it’s really important to let us know sooner rather than later what you're dealing with so we can work with you to complete your registration and put in place any adjustments or agreed supports as soon as possible. 


We understand that disclosure of a disability or health condition can be challenging and it is a personal choice. We want you to know that the team at UOW Disability Services has one goal - to help you thrive while you study at UOW and to simply give you the support you need. We have seen it all, heard it all, handled it all and we do it in a confidential and supportive way. We are here for you. 

If you're unsure about the benefits of disclosure at any point in your study program, including enrolment, you can contact us (UOW Disability Services), your Faculty Student Support Advisor, or the Counselling Service to receive confidential information and advice.

For more information on disclosure and choosing the right path for you, refer to information developed by the National Disability Co-ordination Officer.