National Student Safety Survey

6 September - 3 October 2021

The National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) is being conducted as part of the Respect. Now. Always. Initiative.

The aim of the survey is to measure the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment experiences among university students at Australian universities. It will also measure broader perceptions of safety and views towards student campus life.

The findings of the survey will help to measure the extent of these experiences among university students. This in turn will help to understand the context in which these behaviours occur, understand help seeking and reporting behaviours, and inform universities’ services and responses for student safety and wellbeing.

The national survey will randomly sample 10,000 of our students. The selection of students will take into account factors like gender, year of study, residency and level of study to make sure the sample is representative. Students not randomly selected, can still have their say by visiting

The survey questions will take most people 10 to 12 minutes to complete.

To find out more and share your story, visit or read the NSSS Frequently Asked Questions.

Respect. Now. Always. campaign

The Respect. Now. Always. campaign now falls within the Safe and Respectful Communities portfolio. This campaign was instigated by Universities Australia in collaboration with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to increase awareness of the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.

Launched in February 2016, the campaign focuses on the determination of Australia’s universities to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment across the sector. The campaign is key in raising awareness of the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment and increase visibility of student support services. The campaign places a spotlight on student and staff wellbeing, and highlights the support avenues available to prevent and manage incidents.

In late 2016, tens of thousands of Australian university students, including the students of the University of Wollongong (UOW), were invited to participate in a prevalence survey surrounding student experiences of sexual assault and harassment. On August 1, 2017, the AHRC released a National Report containing the survey results. UOW committed to publicly releasing its institutional survey data in conjunction with the National Report.

Read UOW's media release and associated institutional survey results.

Further information about the definition of sexual assault and harassment is available on the Australian Human Rights Commission website.

Creating a safe work and study environment

UOW is fully supporting the aims of the Respect. Now. Always. campaign and is dedicated to a continuous process of raising awareness, providing support and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff. UOW places the highest priority on providing a safe study, living and working environment. Sexual assault and sexual harassment matters are dealt with under a ‘support first’ model and individuals are encouraged to report any incident to UOW for investigation.