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Student comments

“That there is no pressure, I can catch up with what I didn’t quite understand after the lecture and tutorial”

- ACCY100 student

"Getting the opinions of others and hearing how they interpreted things helped to deepen my own understanding”
- CACS101 student

“Seeing my understanding improve week after week – it’s great that it’s students helping students"

- MATH151 student

“The interactions between other students guided by a knowledgeable 2nd year”
- CHEM103 student

“I understand stats! That is by far what I like most about PASS! The leader was great and she made everyone so comfortable it wasn’t the slightest bit intimidating”
- COMM121 student

“PASS is always in words I can understand!”
- ECTE202 student

“The interactive learning style. The changing of activities frequently maintains interest”
- EDSP101 student

“I just love it. I feel it’s one of the most useful things I do in this course and that it really helps! I like how fun it is as it makes me more interested and the people are so nice”
- LLB170 student

“The encouragement to discuss questions or problems with each other rather than simply being given the answer”
- PHIL107 student

“The comfortable learning environment and the enthusiasm of the PASS Leader”
- CHEM102 student

“It was student directed. We were able cover content that we were struggling with or required clarification about. PASS is an extremely friendly environment and a way of meeting like minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. It helped to consolidate content and concepts by being given the opportunity to discuss it with other students and to help and be helped”
- LLB170 student

“It is great to have an hour where we can ask questions and just practice things we are having trouble with. I like how our leader asks us what we would like to work on”
- MAND152 student

“How we are encouraged to help other students with concepts that you have a better understanding of, it really helps us make sure we completely understand the content”
- MATH142 student

“It was a good chance to reinforce what I leant in lectures and tutorials. And it was good to get practical advice off other students”
- FIN111 student

“That it is relaxed, I can comfortably ask any questions or problems I’ve been having in the subject and work through them with other students”
- FREN152 student

“Being able to assist other students in understanding the subject content and having group discussions to clarify difficult concepts”
- SHS112 student

“PASS are the most valuable hours of uni each week”
- MATH141 student