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Frequently asked questions


Q. I'm enrolled in trimester subjects - can I attend PAL?

Check the  to see if your subject is supported.

Q. How do I become a part of the PASS leader team?

PASS begins recruiting peer leaders around September each year, targeting students who completed a PASS supported subject that year, received a D or HD and attended PASS. If you meet these criteria, keep an eye out for an email letting you know how to apply. For more information about the PASS leader role, visit the PASS leader information page.

Q. Why should I attend PAL/PASS?

PASS/PAL has a proven track record of improving the marks of students who attend regularly. Students often say that an hour spent studying in PASS/PAL is more effective than several hours spent struggling with the content alone at home. PASS also helps you meet people within your course in a relaxed environment, and is a great way to find out about the expectations of UOW early in the semester. 

We expect your attendance at PAL sessions to produce these outcomes for you too!

Q. Is PAL/PASS supporting my subject?

A full list of PAL/PASS supported subjects is released online before the beginning of semester. It can be viewed on the PAL timetable page.


Q. When does PAL run and how do I enrol for Spring session?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) commences in week 2 and runs during key weeks throughout the Spring session. You will gain the maximum benefits by attending PAL in the weeks they are offered. Enrolments are now open on SOLS.  to see if your subject or course is being supporting in Spring 2020.

Q. If I miss out on a place on SOLS, can I still attend?

Yes! Visit the PAL timetable for a full list of sessions running on your subjects. You can attend any session that suits your timetable and if there is a space available you may join in. There are often spare spaces available in our virtual sessions that are full on SOLS, but if too many students attend preference will be given to those who enrolled online. 

Q. It's midway through the semester - can I still come to PAL?

It's never too late to start coming to PAL sessions - you can begin attending in any week of semester!

Q. What happens if I miss a session?

Don't worry! Feel free to attend an alternative session for that week if you'd like to make sure you don't miss anything. You won't lose your place in your original session - a space for you will still be available the following week.

Q. Can I change sessions once I have enrolled?

You're welcome to attend any of the scheduled sessions for your subject. You can even attend multiple sessions per week if you'd like the extra help! 

Q. What should I bring to PAL sessions?

Make sure you bring your notes and textbooks along to each session. It's also a good idea to keep a record of anything you've been having trouble with beforehand so you can work through it with the group. Remember that PAL is informal and has a relaxed atmosphere - you can even bring your lunch!