Other English language support

The following classes and resources are available at the UOW Wollongong Campus to assist International Students to further develop their English Language skills.

UOW Learning Development

UOW's Learning Development Service offers a range of free resources, classes and consultations for students seeking to improve their academic performance. Many of these programs and resources can assist students to improve their English language skills.

UOW College Multimedia Centre (MMC)

Building 30, Level 2
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.
The MMC Lab and Learning Hub are student spaces. The lab provides self-access resources which enable students to practice pronunciation, intonation, note taking and listening comprehension.

Including English Subjects in Your UOW Degree

Many students can choose to develop their English Language skills in subjects that give them credit towards their degree. There are subjects for Undergraduate Students offered at UOW on Effective Written Communication (ELL152) and Effective Spoken Communication (ELL151). There is also a subject on Communicating Across Cultures (ELL210). For those who want an overview of how language is studied by different kinds of linguists, there is a subject about Language in Social Life (ELL110).

There are also a subject available for Postgraduate Students.

Don't forget to check with the Head of Students in your Faculty about these subjects and whether they can count as credit towards your qualification.


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